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Custom Cathedral Veil

“Lockdown weddings”, “Covid weddings”, or my personal favourite, “Micro weddings” are the new normal we’re all having to acclimate to. But as today’s post will prove, a small, 30 guest, intimate wedding can still be a grand affair — deserving of a beautiful custom cathedral veil!

Tasha - Custom Cathedral Veil Caitlyn - Lockdown Wedding - Real Bride 2020

A Custom Cathedral Veil & Morilee Dress

Today’s bride, Tasha, chose to tweak one of our existing veil designs to create a custom cathedral veil based on our Caitlyn veil. Though her beautiful Morilee dress has shades of pink, the veil was designed to match the ivory bodice lace, and so Tasha opted for our Light Ivory Bridal Illusion for the tulle.

Custom Cathedral Veil Caitlyn - Lockdown Wedding - Real Bride 2020 4

Tasha says:

Thank you for my gorg veil. It was stunning!

To that we say: you are more than welcome! And now we’re blessed with the most stunning images of our work by Royal Media Weddings. It also makes us so happy to see weddings still going ahead, and looking so amazing!

Custom Cathedral Veil Caitlyn - Lockdown Wedding - Real Bride 2020

Tasha’s wedding day, in her own words:

We got engaged in December of 2018.  We originally had an exclusive barn venue booked for 4th June 2020. Then in May, after spending all the months planning the wedding, lockdown happened and our wedding had to be cancelled. We just could not live with the uncertainty.

Tasha - Cathedral Wedding Veil Caitlyn - Lockdown Wedding - Real Bride 2020

The wedding was initially going to be host to 150 daytime guests and 100 extra guests in the evening. I’d also planned to have 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen.

After getting in touch with our council, we managed to get booked in at the nearest out of town registry office that would accept us which was about 45+ mins from home. We accepted it straight away despite being told that we would only be allowed to have 8 guests in our court ceremony.

Tasha - Cathedral Wedding Veil Caitlyn - Lockdown Wedding - Real Bride 2020

Our new court office/wedding date was now going to be 7th August 2020. We managed to stream the ceremony via Zoom for people who couldn’t attend. The court itself (Newark registration office) has beautiful grounds next to a castle where we were able to take our photos after the ceremony.

Tasha - Cathedral Wedding Veil Caitlyn - Lockdown Wedding - Real Bride 2020

We also managed to book a hotel en-route back to our home town (Sheffield) after the court ceremony to have a quiet, socially distanced lunch and a few more photos.

In total, including one photographer, we had 30 guests. We do not intend to have another wedding or celebration. Our smaller wedding was beautiful and was more than enough for us.

Tasha - Cathedral Wedding Veil Caitlyn - Lockdown Wedding - Real Bride 2020

Our Thoughts

These images make us so happy! It’s been such a difficult year for brides and suppliers alike, and these photos just show that small weddings don’t have to be any less beautiful or any less memorable than huge weddings.

When it all comes down to it, a wedding day is about celebrating the love of two people. And your bride and groom photos won’t look any different from anyone else’s when you look back on them in years to come.

More On Tasha’s Custom Cathedral Veil

Tasha’s veil is based on our Caityln veil. The only thing we needed to change to make it perfect for Tasha’s dress was the length. The Caitlyn veil is usually chapel length, but Tasha needed a longer veil for her cathedral train.

What’s great about the Caitlyn veil is it’s plain, sheer and floaty so it really goes with any dress. The extra long blusher is a feature that’s very on trend right now.

The Light Ivory Bridal Illusion tulle is so transparent that even though Tasha’s dress is a mixture of blush and ivory, it blends with the dress throughout.


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