Wedding Accessories

In our wedding accessories section, we have all the finishing touches for your wedding day style.

After you’ve got your headpiece and veil sorted, browse through our gorgeous range of wedding accessories for those final pieces to bring everything together. When it comes to changing your look, our bridal underskirts, jackets and belts are definitely the most transformative. Finish off the ensemble with a bridal garter and some pretty jewellery. And last but not least, make sure you get that cute picture moment with our satin ring cushions!

Choosing the right wedding accessories

When it comes to choosing your wedding accessories, you should always consider the dress first with every decision you make. After all, the dress is the star attraction and what everyone will notice first, but the accessories are what will give it your own unique spin. They’re the exclamation mark at the end of the sentence. The sentence still makes sense without it, but what a difference it makes!

Finding your unique wedding style

What wedding accessories should never do, however, is detract from the dress or overpower it in any way. A super blingy bridal belt on an already embellished dress might be venturing into the realms of “too much.” It’s all about finding the right balance.