Tiaras & Headbands

Bridal Tiaras & Headbands

Our tiaras and headbands are the bestselling pieces from our bridal headpiece collections. Tiaras offer that classic, traditional look for your wedding, and headbands create a similar effect, only with the detail off to the side. Select from gold, silver, rhodium or rose gold for your base colour by using the filter above.

The bridal tiaras and headbands we supply are designed by award-winning UK bridal brands such as Linzi Jay, Arianna and Twilight Designs. Each piece is handcrafted with only the finest materials including, in some cases, stunning elements from Swarovski crystal. We’re also proud to say that our Arianna collection is handmade right here in the UK.

So much choice

When it comes to adding those final finishing touches, a traditional tiara is a great way to give you that touch of elegance and grandeur you may be looking for. It’s a great option for a classic or regal wedding theme. Our bridal headbands offer a slightly more vintage look, while still offering that feeling of luxury.

No matter what kind of bridal aesthetic you’ve chosen, we have a headpiece to match. From large, ornate tiaras with beautiful jewels for a more extravagant wedding, to pieces designed with a more relaxed, vintage or bohemian theme in mind.

Handmade just for you

In the case of Arianna pieces, you can even request a customised tiara or headband to be made just for you as a bespoke design. Because of this, we truly believe we have a tiara or headband for every kind of wedding you may be planning.

All in the details

When it comes to choosing the perfect tiara or headband, a great way to do this is to examine the beading, if any, on the dress. For example, does the dress have ivory pearls you could tie into it? Or are the beads more silver-coloured like our diamante/rhinestone pieces? You’ll also need to consider if your hairstyle would lend itself better to a traditional tiara (symmetrical, often peaked in the centre), or a more contemporary side headband where the focal point is on one side only. The latter looks great with loose hair worn curled or plaited over one shoulder. A pretty side headband placed on the swept-back side creates a gorgeous and rather Hollywood-glamour-style look which looks great on any bride.

We’re here to help

If you’re unsure if you want a tiara, a headband or even any bridal headwear at all, we can help. With many years of experience in the wedding industry, we have developed a level of expertise unmatched across the UK when it comes to bridal accessories. We do it every day one-to-one with brides at our bridal accessory boutique. So, if you need any assistance or advice, feel free to get in touch with us on 01253 365740 or email to sales@theweddingveilshop.co.uk.