Any promotions we run, including discounts, promo or voucher codes/coupons, will be listed here. That way you’ll never miss out when our wedding veils and bridal accessories are on sale.

There are lots of voucher code websites out there posting out of date and/or incorrect promotional codes – we see them being entered in the promotions field on our orders. So if you’re trying to enter a code that’s not working and you don’t also see it here, you can assume it’s not a valid code.

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Limited Time Offer!

For a limited time only enjoy 10% off EVERYTHING with code BSSP10 at checkout! That’s 10% off veils, jackets, underskirts, headpieces and much more.

Every little helps 🙂

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Bridal Accessories Spring Sale

Shop the Sale!

Don’t foget to regularly check our sale section. Here youll find sale bridal accessories in limited quantities/sizes/colours, but with GREAT discounts!