Combs & Clips

Bridal Combs & Clips

Here you will find our stunning bridal hair comb and clip collections brought to you by well-known UK designers like Linzi Jay and Twilight Designs.

Bridal combs can be positioned just about anywhere in the hair, but they’re perhaps better suited for up-dos, or half-up-half-down hairstyles so that the comb has some resistance to work against. If you are wearing your hair loose, you’d still be able to wear one but the comb would have to be gripped through with Kirby grips to stop it sliding out of your hair.

Bridal hair clips, on the other hand, are a little easier to wear in our experience. The crocodile clip fastenings can grab onto even loose hair, (although for peace of mind we would still recommend gripping them in). They’re also great for adding a touch of bling to the top of a veil as they can fasten into the hair just above the veil’s comb, which is more comfortable than having two combs sandwiched together.

Bridal Comb & Clip options

Wedding hair clips

As we mentioned above, how you’re wearing your hair might determine whether you’d be better suited to a bridal comb or a hair clip. Generally speaking, we perfect clips. They just grab on so nicely and everyone wants to feel like their headpiece is nice and secure on their wedding day, right? I especially love the look of a Hollywood Wave combined with a low side clip – stunning!

Wedding hair combs

If you’re wearing your hair up, however, a bridal comb is a great option. They slot nicely down into a low chignon up-do and might actually be more secure than a clip in a tighter, more rigid hairdo thanks to the prongs which anchor it in place. Either way, be sure to discuss all your options with your bridal hairstylist and perhaps take both options to your trial.