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Unique Wedding Veils Made Exclusively For You

Unique Wedding Veils Made Exclusively For You And Your Fabulous Dress

Making wedding veils for a living is not the most common of professions so when I meet new people they are often quite surprised when I say I’m a veil maker.

But let me tell you, they are nowhere as surprised as I am when, in return, they say things like, “Do brides still wear veils?“.

*Dramatically clutches pearls*

You could just knock me down with a feather every time because not only do brides still wear veils, but as you’ll see from this post, many of them are wearing more modern, elaborate and unique wedding veils than ever before.

And long, too. They just keep getting longer.

Now, of course, there must also be brides out there who choose not to wear a veil – heaven forbid! But, well, those brides won’t end up in my DMs so I can only go off the super enthusiastic, veil-wearing brides that I come across in my daily work life – of which there are many.

Unique Wedding Veils

Unique Veils For Our Unique Brides

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the gorgeous custom, statement wedding veils we’ve made in the last few months for our fabulous brides. Each veil was made specifically for that bride, and to perfectly match her dress.

If I also have been sent a picture of the bride wearing the veil I will include that as well.

1. Cathedral Veil with Embroidered Branches, Lace Petals, and Ivory Pearls:

Branches Petals And Pearls Statement Veil
Branches Petals And Pearls Statement Veil
Branches, Petals And Pearls Veil
Statement Veil
Statement Veil
Statement Veil

Up first, we have this gorgeous barely-there cathedral veil with embroidered branches, lace petals, and delicate ivory pearls. This unique veil featured a branch-like embroidery design that we traced from a sketch of the bride’s sleeve embroidery on her wedding dress!

2. Royal Length Glitter Tulle Veil with Sequinned Leafy Appliques:

Glitter Tulle And Lace Statement Veil
Glitter Tulle And Lace Statement Veil
Glitter Tulle And Lace Statement Veil

This veil had a touch of glamour with our fabulous clear glitter tulle. It was a royal-length veil featuring sequinned leafy appliques around the bottom edge that matched the bottom edge and fabric of our bride’s dress almost identically. As soon as I saw her dress I knew the perfect lace for it. It’s actually the same leafy lace you’ll see on our Scarlet veil in our collections!

3. Cathedral Veil with Shaped Train and Floral Sequined Appliques:

This one really adds a touch of drama, doesn’t it? Sometimes, brides dream of a lacey cathedral dress but when it comes time to actually pick one out, a plain dress ends up winning their heart instead. That’s where a statement lace veil like this one becomes your new best friend. You can still have that lacey train of your dreams – just on your veil instead! Best of both worlds.

This veil we made had a shaped train and gorgeous, floral sequined appliques in a peaked design in the centre. A perfect choice for any bride wanting to add some wow.

4. Extra Long Veil with “FOREVER ISN’T ENOUGH” Embroidery:

This bride really wanted to make a bold statement with an extra-long, barely there veil featuring the phrase “FOREVER ISN’T ENOUGH” expertly embroidered by our good selves in bold capital letters. A modern statement veil that would make Hailey Bieber proud.

5. Two Layer Chapel Length Veil with Lace and Scattered Pearls:

Elegance meets simplicity in this two-layer chapel length veil featuring lace extending to hip height and scattered pearls.

In a slight twist to how it usually works, this bride fell in love with a specific lace she found online first – then found us and asked if we could make a veil out of it. She particularly liked that it had a rustic, almost wheat-like design, perfect for her upcoming barn wedding. We added scattered pearls and a few trailing appliques and she absolutely loved it.

6. Two Layer Royal Length Veil Inspired by Nicola Peltz’s Wedding:

Peltz Veil
Our beautiful real bride wearing a Nicola Peltz custom replica veil
Nicola Peltz Veil
Nicola Peltz Beckham's extra long lace veil inspitation

Channelling celebrity glamour this time, we have our royal-length showstopper veil. This one drew inspiration from Nicola Peltz’s iconic look from her wedding to Brooklyn Beckham. Featuring lace and appliques for a truly eye-catching veil.

7. Single Layered Royal-Length Veil with Scalloped Lace Edge and Shaped Train:

Shaped Edge Wedding Veil
Shaped Edge Wedding Veil
Shaped Edge Wedding Veil

I just loved the shape of this one. It featured a scalloped lace edge with silver thread running through it. Our bride wanted the veil extra long and with a shaped edge to add some extra drama.

8. Veil with Silk Organza, Satin 3D Flowers, and Mixed-Sized Pearls:

I love wedding veils with flowers! Nature-inspired and ethereal, this floral veil wedding featured silk organza, satin 3D flowers, and mixed-sized pearls along the bottom edge. A truly romantic veil that I’m sure looked amazing with our bride’s Oscar de la Renta dress.

9. Cathedral Veil with Floral Lace, 3D Flowers, and Custom Embroidered Monogram:

Our final veil is a cathedral length showstopper. Adorned with floral lace, 3D flowers, and a custom embroidered monogram. I am obsessed with this lace which we call Magnolia with it’s gorgeous vine-like trails.

Conclusion: In concluding this journey through our recent custom-made and wholly unique wedding veils, we invite you to step out of your comfort zone a little when it comes time to pair up your own wedding dress and veil. By putting your trust in our expertise, we can create a veil that looks like it was created especially for you and your dress – because it was!

If you want to chat about your own custom veil get in touch here: Contact

And as always, check out our Instagram page to see more veils like this as we make them.

Unique Wedding Veils Made Exclusively For You
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