Bridal Jewellery

Bridal jewellery needs to enhance, but not overwhelm when combined with your other accessories. That’s why we’ve hand-picked a selection of elegant bridal jewellery sets with classic pearls and sparkling rhinestones to add just a touch of glamour to your look.

Select from simple pendants or more elaborate chains. These sets also make great bridesmaids gifts!

Bridal jewellery sets

Award-winning UK bridal brand Twilight Designs is our number one choice when it comes to wedding jewellery sets. We love the simplicity and elegance of their designs. When a jewellery set is too chunky or overly ornate, it can really overpower a bride’s whole look, especially when combined with all the other accessories a bride wears on her wedding day. That’s why we much prefer these simple, understated bridal jewellery sets. Some delicate bridal earrings — a stud or a small crystal or pearl teardrop — and a necklace that sits at the perfect height above your bodice’s neckline, is really all you need to look effortlessly beautiful on your big day.

Earring & necklace combos

All of our bridal jewellery comes as a set comprising of a necklace and a pair of earrings. We’re sometimes asked if it’s possible to buy just the necklace or earrings on their own because the bride already has some earrings they’ve borrowed from a relative, etc. Sadly it’s not possible to spit the sets, however, what we always tell our brides is that because these pieces are so understated and subtle, you can absolutely wear them again after the wedding, so the piece you don’t’ get to wear on your wedding day could definitely be worn again afterwards for another special occasion.

Our favourites

I have to confess I am a sucker for a nice teardrop earring and a pearl wedding necklace. Pearls are just so classic, and the drop earring can be a very pretty feature nestled among your wedding day hair. Gotta get those nice close-up wedding detail shots, right? I also think a teardrop earring makes a bride’s neck look just a little longer and more elegant.

More bridal jewellery coming soon

We hope you enjoy our small but carefully curated bridal jewellery selection. We hope to bring you even more wedding jewellery options in the near future, including some more “statement” type earrings you could wear on their own without other accessories.