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Wedding Hair With A Veil

Hello gorgeous brides!

So nice to have you here with us again. Today we’re diving into wedding hair and how to work your veil into your chosen wedding day hairstyle.

This post wouldn’t be possible without the help of amazing wedding hairstylist Natalie at The Hair Book Wedding Stylist. She’s helped us with our research and provided lots of tips and examples so thanks Natalie!

Okay, let’s delve into the details of pairing bridal hairstyles with a veil.

Wedding Hair With A Veil — Where to position your veil

When it comes to wedding day hair, there are some hairstyles that have a really obvious place within the hairstyle for the veil’s comb to be placed. But there are also some hairstyles where you could choose from a few different spots for your veil’s comb to go into your hair.

So where should you position your veil in your bridal hair?

Let’s make our way through some of the options.

1. Hair Up With A Veil

Wearing your hair up on your wedding day is undoubtedly the most helpful way to wear it if you want to make your hairstylist’s life a whole lot easier. After all, it’s his/her job to make sure your veil and all your hair accessories stay put all day long so a wedding updo with a veil is the best way to keep your veil – and your hair! – secure all day.

With an up-do, as the hair is swept up and pinned in one direction, this makes it easy to slide combs, grips, pins etc in at another angle to provide a good hold.

For veils specifically, having the hair pinned up provides some much-needed resistance for the veil’s comb to work against. In most cases, the comb would be secure enough pinned into this kind of up-do without needing any further help in the form of Kirby grips, etc, but it never hurts to add a few anyway.

In the image above we’ve highlighted the obvious place for a veil to be pinned but it’s by no means the only option. See below for some variations including the option to wear your veil underneath your bridal updo.

Hair Up With A Veil
Hair Up With A Veil Low Down
Veil worn in a low chignon updo hairstyle
Wedding Hair With A Veil Hair Up

If you’re trying to decide whether to have your veil under or over your bun, it’s up to you, of course, but I will say that if you’re having a two-layer veil with a blusher, I would strongly recommend having your veil above your bun. Not only does the comb go in more easily in that position, but if you were to have your veil under your bun it would be very difficult to get your blusher to come up from that low nape position all the over your head to cover your face. You’d likely end up with only a very short chin-length blusher at best.

2. Hair Half Up Half Down With A Veil

Now let’s look at another really popular bridal hairstyle option and one that’s great for wearing with veils. The half-up/half down.

If it has another name I don’t know what it is!

This is another wedding hairstyle that has quite a clear and obvious place to pin the veil in, and that’s right along the mid-way line between the “up” and the “down” part. We’ve highlighted this below.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

As with the updo above, you could choose to instead wear the veil higher than this line if you wanted to. At the crown or even further forward toward the front hairline. It’s personal preference.

However, as this is a hairstyle that’s mostly loose, the part that’s pinned up provides that resistance we referenced earlier. A bit of hair that’s going in another direction to thread the teeth of the comb through. So, for this reason, a lot of hairdressers would prefer to pin the veil in there.

3. Hair Down with A Veil

Another super popular way to wear your hair with a veil is to wear your hair completely loose.

This is actually a really pretty look but one that poses the toughest challenge for your hairdresser. How is he/she going to make it stay in your hair?

I’ve heard of a couple of different sneaky methods bridal stylists can employ. A simple bit of backcombing and some grips. Tiny little clear bobbles in a small row under the hair. Or a small sideways plait to thread the comb through which is hairdresser Natalie’s method of choice, as shown in the video below.

Hair Down With A Veil
Hair completely loose. A tricky but not impossible option for wearing a veil.

How Do You Hold A Veil In Place With Hair Down?

If you are wearing your hair loose it’s more common these days to insert the veil comb somewhere between the crown and the centre-back of the head. Wearing your veil right near the front hairline is quite a retro look these days. I’m no hairstylist, but I’d imaging it’s also harder to hide how you’re securing the veil comb into the hair if it’s right at the front as there’s less hair there to work with.

Examples of Bridal Hairstyles With a Veil – Our Real Brides

Here we have some of our past TWVS brides modelling some of the various ways you could wear your hair with a veil on your wedding day! As you can see, there are so many options and they all look beautiful. The style of veil itself – whether it’s full and fluffy or sleek and sheer – also makes a big difference to the overall look and where it would be best to position it.

We have lots more real bride pics on our Instagram – Check it out here: @theweddingveilshop

Bride With Elegant Low Chignon Bridal Hair And Veil
Bride with elegant low chignon bridal hair and veil
Bridal Hair Down In Loose Waves With A Blusher Veil
Bridal hair down in loose waves with a blusher veil
Casual Low Chignon Wedding Hair With A Veil
Casual low chignon wedding hair with a veil
Wedding Veil Worn At The Front Hairline With Hair Down
Wedding veil worn at the front hairline with hair down
Loose Wedding Hair With A Veil
Loose wedding hair with a veil
Bridal Ponytail With A Veil
Bridal ponytail with a veil
Bride Hair Half Up Half Down With A Veil
Bride hair half up half down with a veil
Blonde Bridal Hair Down With A Wedding Veil
Blonde bridal hair down with a wedding veil
Half Up Half Down Loose Waves Wedding Hair With A Veil
Half up half down loose waves wedding hair with a veil
Half Up Half Down Wedding Day Hair With A Long Veil
Half up half down wedding day hair with a long veil
Wedding Hair With A Veil - Half Up Bridal Hair With A Barely There Veilwedding Hair With A Veil - Half Up Bridal Hair With A Barely There Veil
Wedding hair with a veil - half up bridal hair with a barely there veil
Bridal Hair Up In Low Bun Style With A Short Veil Worn At The Crown
Bridal hair up in low bun style with a short veil worn at the crown
Wedding Hair Down In Beachy Glam Waves With A Drop Veil
Wedding hair down in beachy glam waves with a drop veil
Full Length Wedding Veil With A Sleeek Bun Wedding Hair
Full length wedding veil with a sleeek bun wedding hair
Wedding Veil Being Worn Under A High Bun
Wedding veil being worn under a high bun
Half Up Half Down Bridal Hair With A Full Veil
Half up half down bridal hair with a full veil
Bridal Hair Up In Low Bun With Veil
Bridal hair up in low bun with veil
Wedding Hair Low Bun With A Barely There Veil And Flowers
Wedding hair low bun with a barely there veil and flowers


We hope you’ve enjoyed our little dive into bridal hairstyles to wear with a veil. Whether you opt for a classic bridal updo, a romantic loose style, or a trendy bohemian half-up, there are endless possibilities to enhance your bridal beauty with a veil (preferably one of ours🤪).

A lot of these hairstyles would also work well for your bridesmaid’s wedding day hair – much easier for them since they don’t wear a veil!

Ultimately, the right bridal hairstyle can not only complete your overall bridal ensemble but also leave a lasting impression on your special day. So, embrace the elegance, express your individuality, and make your bridal hairstyle a reflection of your unique love story and then decide where to add in the veil to its greatest effect!

Now that you’ve finished learning all about how to style your wedding hair with a veil, Check out some of our other posts.

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