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Our bridal veil sewing studio is based in Blackpool, Lancashire and is where we make all of our beautiful wedding veils. We have also carved out a small part of it exclusively for brides to come and visit us in person. (You may have seen it in the background of our Instagram posts as it also makes a great backdrop for our reels!). Our showroom has a full wall of veils ready for you to try on, but more importantly, your appointment will be with one of our veil makers which means you can discuss all the endless possibilities available to you if you choose to have a custom veil.

Please note: it is a private showroom, not a shop, and we do not take walk-ins – it’s strictly veil consultation appointments only! 😊

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Veil Consultations

Your veil, your way

Our most popular service is our custom veil design service. We design and make beautiful custom veils tailored to match the bride’s gown in-house at our sewing studios, including our fabulous custom lace veils that we are always sharing over on our instagram.

During your appointment, we will use our sample veils to figure out which length, width and number of layers you’d like for the veil, and from there we can discuss exactly how you’d like your veil to be. Whether it be lacey, beaded, embroidered or plain.

You are more than welcome to bring your dress to your veil consultation appointment. We have a changing room available and it’s quite helpful for colour matching and figuring out the best size for the veil.

Bride Trying On A Veil At The Wedding Veil Shop
Bridal Headpieces Showroom


Something for everyone

We have a small selection of headpieces at the showroom available for purchase including tiaras, headbands, combs, clips & vines from each of the brands we carry online (e.g Arianna, Twilight Designs, Linzi Jay).

We’ve found it can be helpful when choosing your veil to have headpieces and other hair accessories nearby that may work with it. For example, a clip that would fit over the top of the veil comb. It really helps to get a sense of your total bridal look, especially if you bring your dress. It’s all about that perfect balance.

Where To Find Us

Our Showroom is on the first floor of a large building. We don’t have any visible presence on street level but we will advise when you book your veil consultation of exactly how to find us. If you find yourself lost please call 01253 365740 and we will guide you in!

  • Wedding Veils Ltd, 132 Highfield Rd, First Floor, Blackpool, FY4 2HH.

Tips For Your Veil Consultation Appointment

Some things you might wish you’d have thought of before your visit. (Don’t worry if some or all of these aren’t possible).

  1. Bring your dress. Yes, that’s right, if you have it at home, feel free to bring it (at your own risk, of course).
  2. Bring a bobble. Plan on wearing your hair up on the Big Day? Bring a bobble so we can pin your veil it at the back without it slipping out.
  3. Wear a white or cream top. If you can’t bring your dress then try to wear a wedding-ish-looking top. It can really help you to visualise.
  4. Bring a friend. A second opinion is really helpful! Be aware, though, that our showroom is fairly small so just one or two is great.
  5. Bring a sample of your dress. Again if you can’t bring the dress itself, a sample is always handy for colour matching. Or..
  6. Order our veil samples to check against your dress before your visit. That will be one less thing to decide on during your appointment!
  7. One final tip if you can’t bring the dress would be to get a good picture of it from the side, focusing on your train length. The train is often chopped off in pics so we can’t see the full length!
Wedding Veil Showroom
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