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Christmas opening times, last delivery dates & a special offer!

Merry Christmas!

Hello lovely brides!

Hope you’re all enjoying the fabulous festive season. Just a little reminder that, like most bridal boutiques, we will be closed over Christmas. Our closure period will be between the 18th December and 7th January to give our seamstresses who work so very hard during spring and summer a well-deserved rest!

Therefore, there are some important last order/delivery dates you need to know if you’re an early 2020 bride…

Last order date for all non-sale items, incuding our handmade veils:

Tuesday 10th December

Last order date for sale items:

12 noon on the 18th December

Last posting date of the year:

Wednesday 18th December

We close on the 18th December 2019 and reopen on Tuesday January 7th 2020. Everything ordered on or before the 10th December will be posted before we close. We hope to be all caught up on orders placed after that and during the closure by the end of our first week back.

Christmas Special Offer!

If you don’t mind waiting until January for your order we have a little Christmas treat for you! Enter code: Xmas2019 at checkout until the 6th January for a fabulous and festive 15% off!

Maisey Xmas
Maisey Xmas

Once again, we want to wish all our past a future brides a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year from all of us at The Wedding Veil Shop, including Maisey the dog.

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Our New Wedding Veil Collection For 2020 Has Just Dropped!

Wedding Veil Collection blog banner

Our New 2020 Wedding Veil Collection!

We’re absoloutely thrilled to annouce the launch of our brand new wedding veil collection for 2020! We’ve added over 40 fabulous new designs including 14 beaded veils, 18 plain veils and 19 lace veils! This brings our total number of veils to 116!

Jessica - one layer cathedral length extra wide plain veil on a bride closeup front view
Elizabeth - two layer cathedral veil with wide lace at the bottom on bride closeup plain blusher
Aspen - two layer chapel length veil with sparkly lace to elbow level closeup of lace (2)

Curating the Collection

It had been a longer period than usual since we last came up with some new veil designs. We normally have a new collection every Autumn, but Autumn of 2018 was all about the new website launch and there just wasn’t time for everything. So, of course, as creative people, we’d been storing up a looooooot of new veil ideas! We keep a little list on the corkboard in our sewing studio and make notes every time we fall in love with a new lace or come up with a new beading design. Well, as you can imagine, after just under 2 years of adding to it, that list was nice and long. And try as we might, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to give up any of the ideas we’d had to make the list any smaller. And let me tell you, when we were in the depths of the sewing stage, we definitely started to wish we’d been able to!

Violet - Single layer barely there veil in fingertip length with a cut edge and mixed size pearls closeup
Elizabeth - extra long two layer cathedral veil with wide lace at the bottom on bride
Poppy - medium fingertip length single layer ribbon edge veil in spotty dotty tulle on a bride

Keeping our brides happy 🙂

As well as the new designs we were working on, we also knew we needed to fill in a few gaps in our current range with some of our fairly simple, but very popular, veil styles. For example, we only had a two tier chapel length veil with scattered diamantes — Nadia — and we knew we had to add a single layer option for our brides. (See Bianca). This might not be the most exciting design for us to sew, but we know our brides are looking for this kind of veil. We can see them ordering it as a custom veil in our Custom Veil Designer section, so we wanted to provide that for them as a set-style to make life easier .

It’s always better when you have a pretty picture to order from, right?

Paris - one tier chapel length veil with beaded scalloped lace edging closeup alt 2
Harmony - single layer chapel length lace edged mantilla veil with comb closeup of lace
Gloria - one layer chapel length barely there veil with a crystal beaded veil topper bride sitting down bw

A Few Favourites

We won’t include every single veil in this post. To see them all, you can just go to our veil collections page here: Bridal Veils. But we did want to include just a few of our personal favourite images from our latest shoot. This was actually another first for us this year — we did the photography, and the hair and makeup, all by ourselves so we’re all feeling very accomplished and slightly smug about how nice they turned out.

Oh, and our model is Shannon, one of our seamstresses! 🙂

Lola - one layer chapel length veil with a pearl and diamante design closeup bw
Alexis - extra long cathedral length wedding veil with pearls and crystals on bride
Lola - one layer chapel length veil with a pearl and diamante design front closeup

We hope you all love our new veils as much as we do. If you do, please share them with other brides. We appreciate every like, pin, post and share we receive.

We’re off to start planning our 2021 collection!

About the Author

About the Author

Lynsey is the Head Designer of our small, dedicated team of seamstresses. She’s been making veils for 15 years, specialising in lace veils, and still loves coming up with new designs. When she’s not sewing, you can find her spending time with her family, her furbabies and bingeing on the latest TV crime drama.

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Bespoke Lace Veils: The step-by-step process of creating your perfect veil

how the bespoke lace veil process works

Our Bespoke Lace Veils

Bespoke lace veil designs are something we really enjoy creating for our brides! There’s just something about a lace veil, isn’t there? I mean, they’re completely timeless for a start. They can look ultra-modern or totally vintage depending on the pattern and application. Typically, I find the more geometric the lace — think long straight lines, diamond shapes and crosshatching — the more modern and edgy it looks. And then there are the florals and scrolling shapes which look much more traditional.

Stand out from the crowd

Lace veils are also the boldest and most “photogenic” type of veil. Compared to a beaded design, for example, whose details can often get lost in the photographer’s lens, a lace design will always show up in pictures. They can be used to add drama and a sense of grandeur and even to visually extend the train of a wedding dress.

They’re just awesome, basically. And as head designer, it’s my job to create and sew each lace veil we make. A process that I thought I’d let you in on in this post, just in case any of you were nervous to order or just want to know what to expect before you approach us.

And as you can see, we’ve also sprinkled in a few pictures of past lace veils we’ve made for you to enjoy and be inspired by.

Grace Lace bottom veil in Ivory shimmer square
"Grace" lace bottom veil in shimmer tulle
Emma in cathedral T15 lace bottom
Emma wears a cathedral length veil with a corded lace bottom
Yelena T137 lace veil 60 inches against ivory dress
Yelena wears a waltz length veil fully edged in scalloped lace
Tyne cathedral veil with "Grace" lace in ivory shimmer tulle
Tyne wears a two-tier cathedral veil with a sequinned lace bottom

So how does the bespoke lace veil process work?

Well, we usually begin by email. This is probably the best method of contact in this situation. As much as we love to natter to our brides on the phone, there are lots of pictures to send back and forth during the design process, so it always ends up switching to email anyway!

The Q&A section

In this email back and forth, we try to ask questions to find out what kind of bespoke lace veil you’ve got in mind. To see if perhaps there’s one you’ve seen on Pinterest/Instagram etc that you want to show us. We then take a look at the dress pictures to see what we’re matching to. From here we should now have a good idea of the type of lace veil you’re after, the approximate size and shape of lace we need to find, and we can start hunting it down.

Looking for lace

We work with a few lace suppliers and between them all there has to be well over 1000 different edgings and appliques to choose from. These can be either beaded (usually a mix of sequins, seed beads and/or pearls) or plain, corded/textured or lightweight and soft, and even with metallic silver or gold highlights. So many choices! Because there are so many, we usually do the hunting for you and bring back what we think are the best options, but if you’d rather look through them all for yourself, we can send you a link to them as well.

Leann wears a single layer version of Felicity
Leann wears a single layer version of Felicity
Marelda wears a chapel mantilla style lace veil
Marelda wears a chapel mantilla style lace veil
Bride Layla wears a chapel veil with beaded lace from fingertip level
Layla wears a chapel veil with beaded lace from fingertip level

Piecing it all together

From this stage, once we’ve picked the lace(s), we’ll often do a computer mock-up of it for you to see how it would look. The only exception to this is usually if it’s just a simple lace edge trim going all the way around. Most brides can usually visualise this easily just from seeing the lace pictures and/or receiving samples of them in the post. But more elaborate designs with pieced-together appliques, like in the example below, usually require a mock-up both for the bride and for us so we can figure out how much lace will be required.

Finishing touches

At this stage, we would be able to give a quote for the veil now that we know how many metres/pieces of lace are required. And assuming you’re happy with everything, we’re pretty much done designing!

Rohanna Whittle custom lace veil process

How much are bespoke lace veils?

I know this answer is totally annoying when people give it, but, it depends.

Sorry! lol.

You see, there’s not really any way we can give a “rough price” for a veil before we’ve established which lace (and how much of it) you’re going to need as that’s the biggest determining factor along with the length, width and layers. It could be one applique on each side at the bottom, or it could be a full lace edge plus 16 appliques in the centre, and there’s probably a price difference of around £100 between those two.

As a very rough guide, our set style lace veils range from around £80 to £180, but equally, we’ve done more elaborate custom veils for brides at over £300, so it kinda, um, depends. 🙂

And, just to add to that; we totally understand that brides have budgets to work to and although we’re often way less expensive than bridal shops already, there may be ways, usually by changing the lace, that we could bring the price down for you even more, so don’t be afraid to ask

Bride wearing 5m lace mantilla veil (Meghan Markle veil)
Abigail wears a 5m lace mantilla - our Meghan Markle veil!

We made it!

There, that wasn’t too painful was it? Just a few emails, a few pictures, and your dream veil could be made a reality. I’d hate to think of any bride settling for an off-the-peg veil just because the bespoke lace veil option seemed like it might be a hassle, so I hope you can now see it’s actually not all that bad. 🙂

I’m going to leave you now with a few more lace designs we’ve completed. You never know, they could become a starting point for your own design. If you do see anything you like, feel free to screen shot it and send it over, and we look forward to talking to you about your own design very soon!

Special thanks to our bride Cathryn and her wedding photographer John Woodward Photography for the beautiful image from Cathryn’s Big Day featured at the top of this post. A fitting end to that veil’s creation story

About the Author

About the Author

Lynsey is the Head Designer of our small, dedicated team of seamstresses. She’s been making veils for 15 years, specialising in lace veils, and still loves coming up with new designs. When she’s not sewing, you can find her spending time with her family, her furbabies and bingeing on the latest TV crime drama.

Contact us about your own bespoke veil today!

Email: or call 01253 365740

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Natasha Rocks Her Wedding in our Isabella wired edge veil

Natasha & Aaq Rock My Wedding

Our “Isabella” wired edge veil on gorgeous Real Bride Natasha

Bride wearing"Isabella" wired edge veil
Bride wearing long chapel length wired edge veil

Hello again gorgeous brides to be! How is February treating you so far?

We just spotted another one of our gorgeous brides featured over on Rock My Wedding! This is always such a treat for us. We’re lucky enough to receive pics from brides quite regularly, but to be able to sit down and read about the full wedding day in all its glory is something we really enjoy.

And what a beautiful couple! Natasha looks positively divine in her Pronovias gown, and she paired it with one of our longest veils – the wavy/wired edged “Isabella” in single layer cathedral length.

I’m in love with the tumbling waves effect this veil provides, and it looks so good in the stairs shots!

Natasha says:

“My dress was my dream Pronovias Mariana dress that I paired with a simple plain cathedral length veil with a scalloped [wired] edge from The Wedding Veil Shop and beautiful Christian Louboutin lace shoes.”

Well, what a dream combo that is! Pronovias, Laboutin and The Wedding Veil Shop! Excellent company to be in for sure.

Here’s a little snapshot of the full gallery of images by the fabulous Mark Harris.

wired edge veil
Bride wearing long chapel length wired edge veil
Bride in long veil and groom in rain
Bride and groom on stage
Happy bride in curly edge veil
Bride and groom on outdoor stage
Bride wearing long chapel length wired edge veil ith her groom at top of stairs

Photography credit: Mark Harris

Read more reviews from previous brides here: Customer Feedback.

Want to know more about the Isabella veil? Check it out below.

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Katherine is pretty as a picture in her bespoke chapel length veil

Bespoke chapel length veil on Real Bride Katherine
[ciloe_title style=”style2″ title=”Bespoke chapel length veil on gorgeous Real Bride Katherine” title_custom_id=”ciloe_custom_css_391310530″ responsive_js_composer_custom_id=”responsive_js_composer_custom_css_2143639048″]
Bespoke chapel length veil on Real Bride Katherine in field of flowers
happy couple in yello flowers

Ah, what’s prettier than a gorgeous newlywed couple taking a romantic walk in a field of Spring flowers? Answer = nothing.

Today we wanted to share one of our beautiful brides with you and her gorgeous wedding as originally featured over on English Wedding.

Now, I know we’re obviously on the lookout for our veils in all the featured weddings we share, but in this one, I really feel the photographer(s) made a feature of our veil too! Of course, long veils make wonderful props, but hats off to Pixies in the Cellar for their excellent use of it in all these wonderful images.

The wedding took place at Mythe Barn in Atherstone, Warwickshire and had a vintage country fair theme. Love the shots in the barn!

For the veil, bride Katherine chose a two layer bespoke chapel length veil with a delicate scattering of crystal beads.

Katherine says:

“I got my lovely chapel length veil with Swarovski crystals from The Wedding Veil Shop, a bit of sparkle to complement my very plain dress.”

bride and croom confetti
bride and groom at farm fence
bride in veil portrait
laughing bride wearing veil
bride and groom sat on hay bales
bride and groom holding hands
bride in veil in pretty meadow

Photography credit: Pixies in the Cellar

Read more reviews from previous brides here: Customer Feedback.

Want to design your own custom veil like Katherine? Check out our Custom Veil Designer below.

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Stunning real bride pics captured by JPRShah Photography

Real bride pics - Tyne & Tom

Holy Moly! Check out these amazing real bride pics!


We’ve just been sent these beautiful pics by JPRShah Photography and we’re in love!

I especially love all the back-lit ones! Such a different look to what we’re used to for wedding images but I absolutely love them! They look so whimsical and romantic and they make the veil look extra boootiful!

And who says you can’t make a bit of rain work to your advantage, too? So stunning!

The veil in question here was actually a bespoke version of our Grace lace bottom veil made a little longer and with a bit more added sparkle!

Tyne says about her veil:

Well what can I say! My veil was amazing! I loved it so much that it only came off for dinner and then I put it back on!! It totally made my dress and there was so many complements on it! I am so glad I found you guys and you were able to create my dream veil! The torture of the wait was deffo worth it! I can’t thank you enough for helping me, answering my questions, you created perfection! Thank you so much! Attached are some photos of it! I’m really sad I can’t wear it all over again with my dress, it was the best day ever!! The veil you created for me was a big part of that as well!

And now, the pictures…

Real bride pics - Tyne & Tom
Real bride pics - Tyne & Tom
Real bride pics - Tyne & Tom
Real bride pics - Tyne & Tom
Real bride pics - Tyne & Tom
Real bride pics - Tyne & Tom
Real bride pics - Tyne & Tom
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Beautiful bride Olivia in our “barely there” veil – Sia!

Close up shot of barely there veil on real bride Olivia

Our “barely there” veil Sia on gorgeous real bride Olivia.

We have one of our stunningly beautiful real brides to share with you today wearing our “barely there” veil, Sia.

The Bride

Our gorgeous bride Olivia looks like feminine perfection in her Stephanie Allin gown, doesn’t she? Her whole look is so soft and pretty. I absolutely love the lace sleeves and the deep neckline. It gives it a kind of feminine boho vibe.

I seriously wish this kind of dress was around when I got married in 2006. Back then it was a satin strapless A-line or nothing at all. The only straight-falling dresses I remember seeing in the wedding boutique were, I was told, destination dresses and therefore not suitable to wear in the UK. 🙁

Thankfully, for today’s brides, these dresses are around, although still not in abundance. You need to find the right brand, the right designer who specialises in this look. And judging by Stephanie’s website, she is definitely one such designer.

Also, these pictures… We actually fell in love with one of the images so much we bought the license to use it commercially on our website! You may recognise it as the Custom Veil Designer’s main image. I strongly encourage you to check out the full album of photographs by Stephanie Swann Photography here: Stephanie Swann, but for now, we just wanted to share a few of the veil shots since they’re so very pretty!

Pretty image of barely there veil on real bride Olivia
Image credit: Stephanie Swann photography
Close up shot of barely there veil on real bride Olivia
Pretty image of barely there veil on real bride Olivia
Image credit: Stephanie Swann photography
Pretty image of barely there veil on real bride Olivia
Image credit: Stephanie Swann photography
Pretty image of barely there veil on real bride Olivia
Image credit: Stephanie Swann photography

The Veil

Now for more about our pretty Sia veil.

Sia is our beautiful waterfall cut veil, which has been designed to shape beautifully at the sides falling in a pretty cascading effect into the scoop of the bride’s back. It really gives a soft and romantic bridal look.

The gathering at the comb is what we call “barely there,” which means zero gather lines and minimal fabric so the hair can be seen easily.

It’s also made from our “Silk Effect” tulle which is a slightly heavier draping tulle that feels super soft to the touch but hangs in a much heavier drop and in a slimmer shape than our traditional light and airy illusion tulle, which is just perfect for this type of gown.

Finally, Sia is a chapel length veil, which is the most popular length of the three floor-trailing options: floor, chapel & cathedral.

Find out even more about this veil by clicking on the image below to visit it’s product detail page.

[ciloe_productsimple style=”style1″ ids=”11722″ productsimple_custom_id=”ciloe_custom_css_414145058″ responsive_js_composer_custom_id=”responsive_js_composer_custom_css_1956880275″]
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Featured Bride: Rachel looks gorgeous in her Champagne veil!

Champagne veil on real bride Rachel

Real bride Rachel in her custom champagne veil

Champagne veil on real bride Rachel
Champagne veil on real bride Rachel

The Bride

Today we’re throwing it back to this gorgeous girl from 2013! Rachel’s wedding pictures showcasing our bespoke champagne veil hold great sentimental value to us because she was the first of our real brides ever to be featured on one of the BIG wedding blogs and we were just completely bowled over by it at the time. We’d never seen one of our veils looking so amazing before, and I remember thinking Rachel looked like she should be in a bridal fashion magazine!

The whole look from the dress to the hair and makeup to the wonderful vintage feel created by Dottie Photography, and of course, our handcut champagne veil was amazing. Thank you to Love My Dress for mentioning where the veil was from – I’ve since learned accessories can often get overlooked so we always appreciate it.

And thank you to Rachel for being such a gorgeous bride with excellent taste!

Two layer floor length Champagne veil on real bride Rachel
Two layer floor length Champagne veil on real bride Rachel

The Veil

Now let’s dig into the veil details.

The dress is a unique colour but luckily our champagne tulle blended with it beautifully. It also didn’t have a train and Rachel didn’t want to create one via the veil. Trains are amazing and believe me when I say here at The Wedding Veil Shop we love a long veil, but it is much easier to manoeuvre around without one. So, floor length was a better match for this particular bride, and because floor length doesn’t spread out on the floor, it has the added benefit of more closely echoing the slim, column-like shape of the sheath dress, falling in a straight drop.

When you’ve got an unusual or highly details dress, sometimes you just have to let it own the show. Therefore, a simple cut finish was the perfect combination. All in all, this was a beautiful bridal look. One of our faves.

Dancing bride and bridesmaids - bride wears Champagne wedding dress and long veil
Laughing bride and groom - bride wears Champagne wedding dress and long veil
Pretty bride in a Champagne veil looking out to sea with her groom
Real bride Rachel and her groom on a bicycle cart