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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback is essential to online businesses, and we want you to know we truly appreciate each and every review we receive.

Here are just some of the kind comments we’ve received about our wedding veils, bridal accessories and overall service.

If you’d like to add your review here, simply review us on Facebook and it will appear here the next time we refresh! Although I’m much more of an Instagram gal myself, I know that Facebook reviews are really helpful when it comes to building trust with potential new customers as they are 100% verified and Facebook page owners are unable to edit them in any way.

Also! If you’d prefer to review a specific product such as one of our set style veils to let other brides know what it was like, you can do that instead (or as well) by heading back to that product’s page and finding the “reviews” tab. We don’t have many of these product reviews yet so that would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

And finally, don’t forget to check out some of the gorgeous images brides have sent in along with their lovely words in our Real Brides Gallery.

Thank you once again for your feedback!

Customer Feedback Real Bride

The best part about receiving customer feedback is when it comes with pictures! Yes, we love receiving your real bride pics and we display them proudly all over our social media. Please feel free to send them when you add your Facebook review or send them via messenger or email…we’ll take them any which way we can! We do just ask that you tell us your photographer to credit as well so we can give them a shout out too. 😉

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