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How Much Do Wedding Veils Cost? Article On The Wedding Veil Shop

How Much Do Wedding Veils Cost On Average?

On average, wedding veils in the UK can span from approximately £80 to over £400 ($100 to $500 for our American readers). Here’s a general breakdown according to different price ranges:

Budget-Friendly Veils -£80 – £120 ($100 – $150):

Made from simpler materials like plain tulle or ribbon edges.

Minimal embellishments or lace details.

Mid-Range Veils – £120 – £200 ($150 – $250):

More embellishments like beadwork – pearls, crystals, etc.

Some narrow lace trims or subtle appliques would fit in this range.

High-End or Designer Veils – £200 – £400+ ($300 – $500+):

Bespoke lengths and fabrics, custom detailing like embroidered personalisation.

Elaborate lacework, custom-shaped trains, hand appliqued designs.

The pricing of wedding veils can vary significantly based on several factors, including style, material, intricacy, and designer branding. The cost ranges from budget-friendly options to high-end, designer veils. In all cases, shorter veils – waist length, fingertip length, etc. – will be less costly than longer styles – chapel length, cathedral length and so on.

Other Factors That May Affect the Price Of A Wedding Veil

The price of a wedding veil can also be influenced by the bridal boutique or retailer where you make the purchase. Custom-designed or couture veils typically have higher prices due to the extra design time required, exclusively sourced materials, and the high level of craftsmanship involved.

When choosing the perfect veil for your special day, it’s crucial to consider your budget, the overall wedding vibe, and how the veil complements your wedding day look.

Till Death Black Gothic Font Embroidery Veil
Real Bride wears a custom embroidery veil with black "gothic" font

Wedding Veil Budgets Over Time

During the almost 20 years that we here at The Wedding Veil Shop have been in business, the average cost of a wedding veil has increased. A bride’s typical veil budget back when we started in 2005 tended to be around £80-£120 ($100-$150). Today it’s more like £150-£300 ($190-$380) with an increase on the higher end due to the recent popularity of long, statement veils.

Of course, veil prices can vary widely based on factors such as length, materials and intricacy of design. It’s still possible to get an £80 veil in 2024, it’s just more likely to be a shorter veil in a more simplistic style.

Bride Derrina Jebb And Simon Thomas In Cathedral Veil At Norwich Cathedral
Real Bride Derrina wears our cathedral lace veil Elizabeth

Average Wedding Veil Costs By Decade

In the early 2000s, wedding veils were estimated to cost around £50 to £100 ($60 – $130) for simpler or standard designs.

By the late 2000s and early 2010s, average prices had increased to approximately £100 to £150 ($130 – $190) for an equivalent style.

Moving into the mid-2010s, the average cost of wedding veils ranged from £150 to £200 ($190 – $250) with online retailers typically being the less expensive option.

Towards the late 2010s and early 2020s, prices continued to vary, with average wedding veil costs ranging from £200 to £300 ($250 – $380) for a similar simple style or upwards of £400 ($500) for designer, couture, or custom-made veils with elaborate detailing.

Paris Hilton Replica Lace Veil
Real bride wears our custom-made Paris Hilton replica veil

The Rise of Overall Wedding Costs Over Time

During the last two decades, the average cost of weddings in general has experienced a notable increase. However, the exact percentage increase can vary significantly based on factors like location, economic conditions, and changing societal norms.

For instance, according to data from The Knot’s annual Real Weddings Study, the average cost of a wedding in 2001 was around £15,000 ($19,000). By 2021, this average had risen significantly, with weddings costing an average of approximately £22,000 to £28,000 ($28,000 to $34,000) or more, depending on the region. This represents a substantial increase of up to 86% over two decades which is exactly in line with the increased veil budget told to us by our brides, as noted above.

Real Bride Sneha Wears Our Caitlyn Veil
Real bride Sneha wears our Caitlyn veil

Factors That Contribute To The Rise In Wedding Costs:

  • Inflation: Over time, the general increase in prices due to inflation affects all aspects of wedding expenses, including venue costs, catering, attire, and other services.
  • Changing Expectations: Couples might now desire more personalized and elaborate weddings, leading to increased spending on elements like custom décor, high-end venues, designer attire, and entertainment.
  • Technology and Social Media: The influence of social media and wedding-related platforms has raised expectations regarding the overall look and feel of weddings, prompting couples to invest more in creating visually stunning events.
  • Vendor Services: Professional services such as photography, videography, planning, and coordination have become more specialized and in-demand, contributing to higher costs.

It’s important to note that these figures are general averages and can vary significantly based on individual preferences, geographic location, cultural practices, and other factors. Some couples opt for smaller, more intimate weddings, while others may choose to invest more in larger celebrations, impacting the overall average cost.

The increase in wedding budgets over the past two decades reflects changing trends, preferences, and economic factors, with couples often allocating more resources to create their dream wedding experiences.

How Much Do Wedding Veils Cost
Real bride wears a custom floral lace veil


In essence, the evolution of wedding veil costs over the years reflects not only changing economic landscapes but also shifting bridal preferences and societal influences. From the modestly priced traditional styles to the exquisite, custom-made showstoppers we’re known for (check out our Instagram for examples of these!), the spectrum of options available to brides as we head into 2024 is wider than ever.

Our aim here at The Wedding Veil Shop is to continue to create a wide range of veils at a wide range of prices. From shoulder to cathedral length, plain to elaborate in design, and with prices from super budget-friendly to a bit of a splurge. Because, ultimately, amidst the changing trends and expenditures, the essence of celebrating love and commitment while wearing a wedding dress and veil you feel a million bucks in, is priceless.

Thanks for reading! While you’re here, why not check out of full collection of wedding veils, build your own veil on a simple or beaded style, or get in touch about a custom lace veil design!

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