11 Stunning Pearl Wedding Hair Accessories

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Let’s Talk Pearl Wedding Hair Accessories!

Today I wanted to talk to you, not about veils, for a change (well, okay not just about veils — one may have accidentally sneaked into today’s post!). But instead, the focus for this article is on the gorgeous must-have pearl wedding hair accessories for 2020. Available both at our bridal accessory boutique in Blackpool where you can come along and try them on in person. And also here on our online shop where you can browse from the comfort of your own home.

As I’m writing this, the UK is currently being pummeled by Storm Dennis, so I can definitely see the benefits of shopping online in your pyjamas today!

The Key Trend in Wedding Hair Accessories for 2020

Violet - Single layer barely there veil in fingertip length with a cut edge and mixed size pearls closeupAs we go through all of the gorgeous wedding hair accessories I have for you today, you’re definitely going to notice a theme running through them. And that theme is pearls!

Pearls are an absolutely HUGE trend for the season ahead. In all the years I’ve been making veils and selling wedding hair accessories, I have never seen such a high demand for pearls as I have noticed so far in 2020, and we’re only in February!

In the past, sparkly silver diamantes have always dominated. They’ve always been the most requested. And truthfully, without actually getting my calculator out and working out the percentages, they probably still are out in front. But pearls used to be the least requested out of the three main bead types used in veils and accessories, namely silvery diamantes, clear glass crystals, and pearls.

Dead. Last.

So we’re all just a little bowled over by how many requests we’re getting for pearly veils. And of course, once you’ve set your theme with the veil, you’re naturally going to want to tie that into your other wedding hair accessories as well with a pearl tiara or hair comb, or maybe a vine or some fabulous pearl hair pins.

So, without further ado, let’s dig into our favourite pearly pieces that we’re all going ga-ga over for 2020.

Okay, I’m starting with my absolute favourite. I know you’re supposed to save the best ’til last but I just don’t think I can wait that long!

Everlasting is a beautiful all-pearl tiara by British designer brand Arianna Tiaras. All Arianna pieces are handmade here in the UK by the fabulous Debbie at Arianna; a wonderful jewellery-making artisan. It’s handcrafted with mixed-size glass pearls in a large layered design. It’s slightly peaked in the centre and the main detail has quite a wide spread so it’s definitely not a subtle piece! A statement tiara if ever I saw one. From the first time I saw this piece on Arianna’s Instagram as they were showing it at the Harrogate bridal exhibition, I have been absolutely obsessed. It’s definitely the pearliest piece I have for you today so I’m clearly not easing you in gently here.

ar598 everlasting large statement tiara with lots of mixed size pearls
ar598 everlasting large statement tiara with lots of mixed size pearls
ar598 everlasting large statement tiara with lots of mixed size pearls

Now, the pieces by Linzi Jay may not have quite as romantic-sounding names as with the Arianna pieces, but they’re just as gorgeous. In fact, Linzi Jay and Arianna are connected brands, with Arianna being the designer, handmade in the UK branch that you’re able to customise if required with different coloured beading and components. More on that below.

The LP740 is a gorgeous diamante and pearl bridal hair clip. It fastens with a little crocodile clip on the back. What we love about this piece is the little champagne coloured pearls it has. They actually have a hint of pink in them too, to my eye. This makes them perfect for brides who’ve gone for a deeper coloured gown than your traditional ivory. There are a lot less options available to those brides as almost every piece with pearls will be ivory. So this one’s for you blush pink, champagne, nude, sand or oyster pink brides. Hope you love it!

Lp740 bridal haircomb
Lp740 bridal headpiece
lp740 champagne pearl wedding hair accessory

Next up, we have another handmade wedding hair accessory by Arianna — Calista. Is it a vine? Is it a comb? I guess it’s… both?

Arianna call it a vine but it’s definitely not as floppy or flexible as a vine typically is; it will hold its own shape. And vines also don’t usually have a comb, you would normally have to grip them in on either end whereas as this can be inserted from the centre comb. These details all make it absolutely ideal for wearing at the back of the head. Either following along the line of a half-up-half-down hairstyle, or just above a low, wide chignon. You could also add it above your veil to make the top of your veil more decorative if you’re not having a headpiece at the front. And finally, it can even be popped in at the front as a dainty tiara. So, a really versatile piece that could see you through a couple of different looks; maybe after removing the veil in the evening you could reposition the headpiece at the same time to fill in the gap left by the veil.

Design-wise, it features gorgeous hand-twisted pearls and sparkly marquise diamantes. Gorgeous!

ar575 bridal hair vine
ar575 bridal hair vine
ar575 bridal hair vine

If the huge statement tiara we had for you at the beginning was wayyyy to much for you, how about the LT656 wedding headband. A sweet and simple Alice band design that’s subtle and understated. I can see this being a brilliant piece for brides with short hair that want something in their hair but definitely don’t want to go for the “princessy” look. It features mixed pearls and diamantes which creates a nice balance of sparkle that’s not too glitzy. I can see this one being very popular for bridesmaids too!

lt656 wedding headband with pearls on model
lt656 wedding headband with pearls on model
lt656 wedding hair accessories headband with pearls

Moving on to something a little more daring, once again, we have the gorgeous Jasmine tiara. Another stunning piece that has been handcrafted by Arianna. It’s about the same large size as the Everlasting pearl tiara at the top, but a whole lot more sparkly! It features beautiful diamante leaf designs made from individual marquise diamantes. Having tried this piece on myself (hey, come on, you know you would too if you worked here), I can also tell you that it feels extremely comfortable to wear. I think because unlike most tiaras where the detail is from the tiara band up, this piece has beads extending below the band that are on flexible wires, so it kind of gives a cushioning effect, or like a mini head massage when you wear it. We love it, can you tell?

AR626 Jasmine large diamante leaf tiara accented with pearls by Arianna
AR626 Jasmine large diamante leaf tiara accented with pearls by Arianna

Next on our list of must-have wedding hair accessories for 2020, we have the LP689. This piece has actually been around for a couple of seasons now but continues to be carried over each year. I think what makes it so popular with brides is the shape. It’s such a great, elongated shape that just fits to the head in such a pretty way. It looks amazing worn on the side. You could also wear it vertically up the side of a French pleat if you wanted to, although this hairstyle is not really ideal to wear with a veil, so maybe not. 😉

And, of course, you could wear it across the back or above your veil. As long as you don’t mind that its detail is heavier on one side. I tend to prefer veil toppers that are more even and symmetrical.

It features a beautiful mix of ivory pearls and clusters of diamantes with a few leaves and scrolling shapes dotted throughout.

LP689 wedding hair clip by linzi jay on model
LP689 bridal hair clip wedding hair accessory

Moving on to something brand new for 2020 and that’s the Purity hair pins set. Another design from Arianna that I fell in love with at first sight. This one’s for the chic, modern brides out there. They’re a set of seven (always good to have an odd number as it helps you space them out nicely) mixed-sized ivory pearl hair pins that you can pop into any up-do. It does really need to be an up-do for hair pins due to the long stems; they need a nice section of hair to be slid into or behind. You can cluster them or dot them around as shown on the images below. I love the simplicity of this set. They’d look amazing paired with a dress with polka-dot accents!

arianna purity set of 7 pearl wedding hair pins arp617
arianna purity set of 7 pearl wedding hair pins arp617

Next we have a beautiful wavy bridal headband from Amanda Wyatt, AW1169. I know we have a lot of brides who like the ease of wearing a headpiece on a band, but don’t want anything too traditional or “princessy”. (They say this word to me a lot during consultations!). Well this piece is perfect because it’s got a real vintage vibe to its shape and design that’s going to give you a more understated elegance. Very Downton Abbey-esque. I love the wavy design and the freshwater pearls. A gorgeous option for a vintage bride.

aw1169 bridal tiara
aw1169 bridal tiara

Okay, here’s where we’ve sneaked in a veil. And yes, technically a birdcage is still a veil, but it’s such a small piece it could also easily come under the category of headpiece, right? Are you convinced? Are we getting away with it?

In this instance, I definitely believe we’re allowed to include it in a list of headpieces because the Purity birdcage veil is actually an adaptation of the Purity hair pin set we told you about earlier. It’s topped with the same cluster of gorgeous mixed-size ivory pearls and can be worn on either side for a fabulous vintage look.

ar617 pearl topped birdcage veil purity
ar617 pearl topped birdcage veil purity

We’re getting towards the end of our list of gorgeous pearl wedding hair accessories for 2020, and hopefully we’ve already inspired you. But if we haven’t yet, perhaps that was because you were looking for something a little bit different. A little bit unusual. Something that’s going to really define your look. Then how about this piece of feathery gorgeousness also known as the Twyla headband by Arianna!? It has to be the most vintage looking piece in this whole line-up. Can’t you just see this looking absolutely divine with a vintage sheath dress and retro waves hairstyle? Oh my goodness I certainly can. Obviously, we appreciate feathers aren’t for everyone but if your wedding theme is vintage, retro, Holywood glam, then the Twyla feathered pearl headband is for you.

AR620 Twyla feather vintage bridal hair accessory
AR620 Twyla feather vintage bridal headpiece

For the final headpiece in our list of gorgeous pearl wedding hair accessories, we have saved a great one for last. The beautiful Briar hair vine. This, like the Calista hair vine from before, is a semi-rigid vine. This time attached to two mini combs; one on either end. This hybrid vine/comb headpiece is perfect to wear across the back of your head. It’s a great option for any beachy or boho brides out there that want that effortless half-up-half-down hairstyle but also want to add just a touch of sparkle to it. It features ivory pearls, clear crystals and silvery diamantes.

AR553 Briar hair accessory in silver
Briar AR553 bridal headpiece in silver

That’s A Wrap!

So, that’s it! Our round-up of some of the beautiful pearl wedding hair accessories we have for you for 2020. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting a closer look at the beautiful details and maybe even picked up some ideas of how you might like to wear your hair for your wedding, and, more importantly, how you will decorate it.

Most of the pieces we’ve shown you today should be in stock for the remainder of 2020, although they can be discontinued at any time so if there’s one you’ve got your eye on, don’t wait too long. 😉

Thanks for stopping by. See you next time!

Lynsey xx


We promised we’d show you some of the custom bead and component options available from Arianna. Please find them below.

Arianna wiring colours
bridal hair accessories crystal colours
wedding hair accessories pearl colours
Wedding hair accessory accent crystal colours

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