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Bridesmaids Hair Accessories

Affordable Hair Accessories For Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids hair accessories are probably somewhere around item #137 on your never-ending bridal To-do List. And by the time you reach that point, the bridal budget is likely to be feeling somewhat stretched.

That’s why, in today’s blog post, we have brought together a mix of wedding hair accessories that are perfect for bridesmaids and all come in under £16 each!

I imagine if you have a large number of bridesmaids to accessorise, that may just be music to your ears!

Bridesmaids Hair Accessories

Hair Pins For The Win

Hair pins are out to become your new best friend.

What makes hair pins so ideal for bridesmaids is they’re the perfect dainty size — bridesmaids should wear something more subtle than the bride. Although, you do have the option to group them together if you want to create something larger in the hair making them the most versatile option.

Display Of Hair Pins In A Circle (Portrait)
Hp4334 Silver Hair Pin
Hp4649 Gold Bridesmaids Hair Accessories

Silver or Gold?

Hair pins come in lots of options that will allow you to co-ordinate with your own headpiece and jewellery. Whether you’ve opted for a gold or silver theme, your bridesmaids hair accessories should co-ordinate at least in colour with yours.

You could also go a step further by trying to find similar beading in your bridesmaids hair pins, whether that be dainty pearls, twinkly crystals or sparkly diamantes.

Gold Bridesmaids Accessories
Hp4255 Bridesmaids Hair Pins

Bridesmaids Hair Ideas

Perhaps you’ve decided that your bridesmaids will all wear their hair the same way. Or maybe you’re having a mixture of complimenting styles instead. Some with their hair up and some with it half down. Or maybe even a fabulous fishtail plait.

Whatever hairstyle you decide on, a hair pin can be added! It’s easier to add them to hair that’s at least a little bit pinned up. Although, with the help of few trusty Kirby grips, it’s even possible to wear hair pins in hair that’s completely loose. You’d just have to grip the stems of the hair pin in under the hair.

Hp4469 Flower Hair Pin
Hp4650 Gold Leaf Har Pins

Hair Accessories For Wedding Guests

If the Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom isn’t much of a ‘hat person’ and wants something more subtle to wear than a spiky feather fascintator, a dainty beaded hair pin could work for their hair too.

They’re delicate enough that they will accent the hair prettily without overwhelming or becoming “too much”. Worn to the side of an elegant updo or into the seam of a French pleat is a very classic look for a person of honour at a wedding.

Hp4649 Gold Hair Pin
Hp4664 Bridesmaids Hair Accessories

Other Types of Bridesmaids Hair Accessories

Although the hair pins featured in this blog post are the most budget-friendly option, if you only have one or two bridesmaids you may be willing to up your spend a little. So what other options are there for your bridesmaids hair?

We would recommend looking at combs and clips. These give a similar look to hair pins and are equally as versatile, but tend to be a little more solid and sturdy than the hand-twisted beading on hair pins.

Hair pins are crafted on twisted jewellery wire, making them resemble little sprigs of beaded flowers. Hair combs and clips are more like a brooch for your hair. They tend to have more solid settings encrusted with sparkle, and sometimes looser twisted beading as well.

Another option that could be great for winding through your bridesmaids’ hair is a hair vine. These are flexible beaded wires, usually somewhere between 20 and 30 centimetres long. They can be twisted through a plait, or wrapped around an updo or even worn across the top of the head like a headband.

Row Of Hair Pins
Gold Hair Pins

Our Hair Pins

Now that we’ve hopefully convinced you of the merits of hair pins, I imagine you’d like to browse through our own selection.

All of the hair pins in this blog our from our Hair Pins Collection.

Here are a few faves…

Bridesmaids Hair Accessories Pinterest Pin

Check out more bridesmaids hair accessories on Pinterest!

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