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Meghan Markle 5M Long Wedding Veil

Let’s Look At Some of The Longest Wedding Veils Ever Made

Including the longest veils we’ve personally made, super-long celebrity wedding veils the world’s longest wedding veil as recorded by the Guinness World Records.

Ultra Long Wedding Veils

In this post, we will explore veil lengths way beyond the traditional. Typically, cathedral length, or occasionally royal/abbey length, will be the longest veil you can get without going bespoke. But for this post, cathedral length is merely our starting point. We’ll be coasting straight past any veil shorter than 3 metres long and exploring the world of the extra-long wedding veil.

The Longest Veils Worn by Celebrities

There have been a plethora of celebs who have opted for all the drama that a really long veil gives. Here are just a few of our faves.

Wedding Veil Showroom
A recent 5m long wedding veil in our showroom

Nicola Peltz Beckham

Nicola Peltz Veil
Nicola Peltz Beckham's extra long lace veil inspitation

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber Wedding Veil
Hailey Beiber's extra long statement wedding veil

Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie Long Wedding Veil
Sofia Richie's long dewdrop wedding veil

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle 5M Long Wedding Veil 2
Meghan Markle 5m long wedding veil

Princess Diana

Princess Diana Longest Wedding Veil Worn By A Royal
Princess Diana longest wedding veil worn by a royal

What’s the Longest Celebrity Wedding Veil?

When I think of really long celebrity veils the longest one that always comes to mind is Priyanka Chopra’s. A simple tulle veil it may have been, but when your veil requires a drone shot to fully show the whole thing – that’s definitely makes it a “wow” statement veil.

The veil, spanning a remarkable 75 feet (23m) in length, complemented her exquisite Ralph Lauren gown – a sheer tulle creation adorned with intricate lace flower embroidery.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra'S 75Ft Long Wedding Veil
Priyanka Chopra's 75ft long wedding veil

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Jonas Long Wedding Veil
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas wedding

Our Own Veils Longer Than Cathedral Length

We’ve made quite a few veils longer than 3 metres ourselves too! For example, here’s one at 4 metres long:

Custom Bespoke Lace Veil
4m long bespoke lace veil

One at 5 metres long:

Wedding Veil Guide
Our fabulous real bride Rachel in her bespoke double lace veil

One at 6 metres long:

Summer &Amp; Fred Embroidery Veil
Summer wears a custom 6m long veil with bespoke embroidery

And finally…

What Is the Longest Veil We’ve Ever Made?

While we’ve crafted an array of stunning longer veils as you see above, our current record for the longest veil stands at 7 metres.

Wedding Veil Guide - 7M Long Veil
7m long custom veil

Do a Lot of Brides Wear Long Veils?

Long veils continue to captivate brides seeking a dramatic bridal look. We’ve observed a growing trend of brides opting for significantly longer veils over the last 5 years or so and of course, we’re more than happy to make them. Keeping a very long veil on the plainer side can help keep the costs down.

Is It Hard to Wear a Long Veil?

While long veils are total showstoppers, they are surprisingly easy to wear with the right techniques. When choosing the wedding veil style, keeping heavier embellishments like lace to a minimum will help the veil stay on the lighter side and wearing your hair in an updo (the tighter the better) will give the comb a much stronger anchor point. At The Wedding Veil Shop, our team is happy to provide guidance on securing your veil in your hair, but you may find your wedding hair stylist has all the best tips and tricks as they are the ones who are responsible for securing the veils on the day itself.

What’s the Longest Veil Ever Recorded?

So we’ve seen the longest celebrity veils, the longest veils we’ve made…but which is the longest veil in the world? Well according to the Guinness Book of Records, that honour goes to Maria Paraskeva, a bride from Cyprus, who dreamed of creating the world’s longest wedding veil for her wedding on 14 August 2018.

The seemingly never-ending veil measured 6,962.6 m (22,843 ft 2.11 in) making it longer than 63 football fields!


Can You Make Me a Very Long Veil?

Yes, we’d be happy to! Just request this as a custom veil by getting in touch. Maybe you will be the one to beat our current longest wedding veil of 7 metres…

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