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Welcome to our Custom Veil Designer!

On this page, we’re going to help you “build” your own custom veil online to your exact requirements.

This tool is perfect for designing a plain or beaded veil in any of our traditional veil lengths.

For lace veils or custom length veils, get in touch with us to discuss your specific ideas here: Contact us. Or start by reading our blog post on ordering a bespoke lace veil.

You can also add more personalised veil detailing such as a monogram or other wording to your veil with our embroidery add-on product here: Embroidered Veils.

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

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Build Your Own Custom Wedding Veil Online

The Custom Veil Designer is our online veil builder tool that gives you full control when designing your own wedding veil. It’s something unique to us here at The Wedding Veil Shop, and something we’re very proud of.

It allows our lovely brides to get creative and design or “build” their own custom wedding veil exactly how they’d like it in just a couple of clicks. All you need to do is decide on a few things, starting with the length and number of layers you’d like.

You can also just use this section to play around with different quotes. For example, if you have a strict budget in mind for your veil, then using the Custom Veil Designer can make it much easier to control the costs as you can see clearly which elements affect the cost of the veil when you design it yourself. After you’ve made all your selections, a price will appear instantly on the screen at the bottom. If you’re happy with everything, you can pop your custom veil in your basket and order it!


Quick Guides

Find our full, in-depth wedding veil guides via the links below.

Veil Lengths

We offer nine traditional lengths in two layer options for our custom veils. The most popular lengths are waist, fingertip and chapel. If you’re unsure on what length would fit best with your dress, be sure to check out our Veil Length Guide, or give us a call.

Veil Length Guide Square

Veil Gathering

The gathering changes the shape at the top of a two layer veil. The most popular option here is centre gathering, but for a more detailed explanation on all three styles, read our guide here: Gathering styles

Wedding Veil Gathering Guide Square

Veil Widths

The width of a veil plays a vital role in its overall look so it’s great that you have full control over this aspect when building your custom veil. If you’re having a short veil, it can be the difference between a full, voluminous look, and a sleek, narrow column. For long veils, you may need to consider the width of your dress’ train. A wide train with a skinny veil can look a little contrasting.

Read our full guide to widths here: Veil Width Guide

Wedding Veil Widths Guide Square

Veil Colours & Fabrics

Next up is colour. Our most popular colour is Light Ivory. That’s because 99% of today’s dresses are a pale ivory shade. A common mistake we see a lot is brides assuming their dress is white because it’s such a pale colour. But, nine times out of ten it will be ivory and so an arctic white veil would actually look way too harsh. Read our colour guide here: Veil Colours & Fabrics

If you’re still unsure on colour, be sure to order one of our fabric sample packs. This is especially important if ordering a custom veil as bespoke items are non-returnable.

Veil Colours &Amp; Fabrics Guide - Diamond White Tulle

Veil Edging

Next up is edge finish. Obviously, this is more of a personal preference thing than something you could get right or wrong, but still, we have a guide explaining all the different options available here: Edge Finish Guide

All edges are available in the White to Ivory range, and a selection is available in Oyster, Blush Pink and Champagne. As you work your way through the Custom Veil Designer, it will automatically filter out the edges that aren’t available in your chosen colour by fading them out and making them unclickable.

Pencil Edge On Veil

Veil Beading

The final choice you need to make is beading. To bead, or not to bead, that is the question! Again, this is personal preference and will depend on your dress and the edge trim you’ve selected, but for a break down of the Custom Veil Designer’s bead and layout options, check out our Veil Beading Guide.

Clear Diamante On Tulle

Reasons to choose a custom veil

It might require a bit more trust (and a decent imagination) to order a custom veil, but we feel that the benefits of ordering a custom veil far outweigh any uncertainty.

Here are just some of those benefits:

  1. Tailored to Your Dress: When you opt for a custom bespoke veil, you’re choosing your veil design detail by detail to ensure that it’s tailored exclusively for you and your wedding dress. Unlike off-the-peg options, a bespoke veil is meticulously crafted to your exact requirements, ensuring a flawless fit that complements your dress seamlessly.
  2. Quality Craftsmanship: Your veil will be made to order by our skilled seamstresses who devote their expertise to handcrafting every veil meticulously. This also means you may be able to request other small changes. For example, you’d like your bespoke cathedral veil 108″ long instead of 114″? – no problem. Just send a message to our team and we’d be happy to make such a change. (Just ensure the changes are small so that a price increase/decrease isn’t necessary – for bigger changes, just get in touch before ordering your veil and we’ll send you a custom link to order instead).
  3. Timeless Keepsake: A bespoke veil isn’t just an accessory; it’s a cherished keepsake symbolising your special day. Having it made specifically for your wedding adds sentimental value, creating a treasured memento you’ll adore for years to come.

More Personalisation:

After putting all the pieces of your custom wedding veil together here, why not add custom stitched embroidery to your veil to make it even more personalised? Make your choices for length, layers, edging, etc, here and add the veil design to your basket. Then, simply navigate your way to our personalised embroidery add-on section here: Veil Embroidery Add-on – Personalise Your Veil and add that detail on as well creating an even more unique veil! After all, what’s more personalised than a custom veil with your name on it?

As a wedding veil design company, we’re committed to making your custom veil vision a reality. Explore the selection of premium tulle fabrics, delicate edging options, length, width and gathering choices to create a bespoke veil that epitomises your bridal veil goals.

To see some behind-the-scenes of our custom wedding veils being made, as well as examples of them being worn by our gorgeous real brides, why not follow us on Instagram and/or Pinterest?

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