Veil Embroidery Add-on – Personalise Your Veil


Add-on product. Choose any veil from our collections to add this embroidery to, or create your own custom veil design with our online veil builder and add both items to your basket.

Add beautiful, personalised embroidery to your veil to make it a one-of-a-kind and really get your guests talking!

It’s now possible to add embroidery to your chosen veil! Add your couple initials for a simple monogram veil. Include the date underneath to commemorate your special day. Or perhaps you’d prefer to add your full names or a longer message.

Please include all letters and numbers in your character count, including the date. You do not need to include punctuation.

Keep scrolling for more information and examples of all three font options for your embroidered veil.

***We’re unable to embroider onto our Silk Effect tulle as it can’t withstand being under the embroidery hoop. The Italian Style (pictured), Illusion and Shimmer tulles all work great.***

The gallery includes real bride pics kindly sent to us!

Please note: Personalised embroidery veils are currently taking 4-5 weeks and are not available on our Rush Veil Service.


Please let us know the words or letters you’d like embroidering on your veil. These will be embroidered in the font you chose above. A computer mockup will be sent before any work begins so you can approve it.

Please let us know the wedding date you’d like to include underneath the main text. Our preferred format is DD.MM.YYYY. Let us know if you’d like anything different.

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Embroidered Veil Options

We have several beautiful veil embroidery fonts you can choose from within this add-on product: An elegant script font, a signature style script font and a simple serif font. There are examples of all the fonts in our main image gallery above.

We also offer custom font options, some of which we’ve included in the gallery, and handwriting sample recreation, but for that, you’d need to get in touch with us to discuss your ideas for an embroidered veil.

1. Elegant Font. 

A gorgeous script font in a very elegant style. Ideal for both monograms and longer phrases.

Elegant Font - Veil Embroidery

2. Signature Font. 
A more freestyle signature script font that looks gorgeous on couple names.

Handwritten Font - Embroidery Veil

3. Simple Font. 

An understated typewriter-style font. A great option if you’re looking for something subtle and less decorative than a script font.

3a. Date Font. 

The date font we use will be the same as our simple font, just smaller.

Simple Font - Embroidery Veil

4. Timeless Font
Similar to the signature font but elongated widthways. Perfect if you want the phrase to take up more space around the base curve of the veil

Embroidered Veil, Personalised Veil

5. Calligraphy Font
With elaborate, decorative capital letters, perfect for monograms.

Calligraphy Font - Embroidery Veil

6 Gothic Font
An old English, medieval-style font. A bold design with decorative accents perfect for the classic “Till death do us part” phrase!

Embroidered Veil, Personalised Veil

A block capital font – (it’s actually just the simple font capitalised!) perfect for really making a statement.

Block Capital Font - Veil Embroidery

Letter sizes.

Letter sizing will depend on the font you choose (see options below). We use the height of the font’s capital letters for the height measurements, lowercase letters will naturally be smaller – although there’s much less of a difference in height between upper and lowercase letters with the simple font.

Elegant Font – around 3.5″ (approx. 8.5cm) tall capital letters.

Signature Font – around 4.5″ (approx. 11.5cm) tall capital letters.

Simple Font – around 2.5″ (approx. 6.5cm) tall capital letters.

Timeless Font – around 3.5″ (approx. 8.5cm) tall capital letters.

Calligraphy Font – around 3″ (approx. 7.5cm) tall capital letters.

Gothic Font – around 3″ (approx. 7.5cm) tall capital letters.

BlOCK Font – around 4″ (approx. 10cm) tall capital letters.

The date font in all cases will be just under 1 inch (approx. 2cm) tall.

We also offer custom font options, but for that, you’d need to get in touch with us to discuss your ideas for an embroidered veil.

Embroidery Pricing

We’ve split the embroidery into different pricing levels.

🧵 Up to 6 characters £59 – perfect for a monogram/initials/single word
🧵 Up to 12 characters £69 – perfect for a monogram and a date or a short phrase
🧵 Up to 18 characters £79 – perfect for full names and a date or a short phrase
🧵 Up to 24 characters £89 – perfect for full names and a date or a longer phrase
🧵 Up to 30 characters £99 – perfect for lyrics, poems or longer phrases
🧵 Plus £10 for every additional 10 characters from here onwards

You do not need to include punctuation in your character count; commas, full stops, etc. You do need to include the ‘&’ in between initials/names and the date.

Embroidery Positioning

As standard and if not instructed differently, we will apply to the centre of the veil near the bottom as in the examples shown but we can also embroider up the sides of the veil, perhaps near the fingertips or by your shoulder. Just ask!

More Bespoke Embroidery Options

In addition to the above, there are many more bespoke options available for your embroidered veil if you get in touch with us! Such as having us recreate your favourite font or a family member’s handwriting. Different positioning for the embroidery. Adding different coloured threads. Request to have other decorative touches such as lace appliques to surround the embroidery or other non-text embroidery touches to truly create a unique personalised embroidery veil!

Contact Us About Your Personalised Veil

Get in touch with us ahead of time about your personalised, monogrammed or embroidered veil design, or, simply add this product to your basket along with your veil order and we will contact you to finalise everything.

Before we go ahead with ANY embroidery we will always show you a computer mock-up of your chosen embroidery words/font for you to approve. If you’d like to see this before going ahead, get in touch with your wording and font choices. 🙂

Note: Please add the correct number of characters to your basket for your chosen design.

Looking for Inspiration?

We have absolutely LOADS of work-in-progress and Real Bride pics of our embroidery work over on our Instagram @theweddingveilshop. Give us a follow while you’re there!

Number of Characters

Up to 6 – £59, Up to 12 – £69, Up to 18 – £79, Up to 24 – £89, Up to 30 – £99, Up to 40 – £109, Up to 50 – £119, Up to 60 – £129, Up to 70 – £139, Up to 80 – £149, Up to 90 – £159, Up to 100 – £169

Embroidery Font

BLOCK FONT, Calligraphy Font, Gothic Font, Timeless Font, Elegant Font, Simple Font, Signature Font

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