Bridal Veils

custom lace veil on bride Marelda
Custom lace mantilla veil on real bride Marelda

Welcome to our bridal veil collection! Here you’ll find over a hundred beautiful veil designs, all handmade in the UK, ranging from shoulder to cathedral length and in both one and two-tier styles. To make life easier for you we’ve arranged our bridal veils into three subcategories: beaded, plain and lace. So if you already know which of those options you’d like, you could start there. In addition, in case you can’t find precisely what you’re looking for in our bridal veil collections, or you need to make a slight tweak to an existing design, we also provide a very popular custom veil service. Choose either a completely bespoke made-to-measure design, including custom lace veils, by getting in touch via email, or why not try “building” your own plain or beaded veil online using our unique Custom Veil Designer!

Start designing your own veil!

Although these days we sell many other bridal accessories, veils will always be the heart and soul of our company. It’s the only item that we make by hand and therefore each one is our little creation and something we take great pride in. Every bridal veil you see on this website has been handmade in the UK by our talented team of seamstresses using only the finest quality fabrics we know you’ll love.

Happy veil shopping!