Bridal Veils

Welcome to our bridal veil collections! Here you’ll find over a hundred beautiful bridal veil designs, all of which are handmade right here in the UK by our talented seamstresses. Our veil lengths range from shoulder to cathedral, in both one and two-tier styles. So if you have an idea of the kind of length you’d like you can check out our long and short veil categories above. To make life even easier for you, we’ve also arranged our bridal veils into beaded, plain and lace subcategories as well, so if you already know which of those options you’d prefer, you could start your search there.

In case you can’t find precisely what you’re looking for in our bridal veil collections, we also provide a very popular custom veil service. Choose either a completely made-to-measure design, including bespoke lace veils, by getting in touch via email, or why not try “building” your own plain or beaded veil online using our unique Custom Veil Designer!

Create your own bridal veil online!

Bridal veils, our first love

Although these days we sell many other bridal accessories, veils will always be the heart and soul of our company. It’s the only item that we make by hand and therefore each one is our little creation and something we take great pride in. Every bridal veil you see on this website has been handmade in the UK by our talented team of seamstresses using only the finest quality tulle fabrics we know you’ll love.

Why we love veils

Veils are so beautiful and ethereal and add a gorgeous softness to a bride’s overall look. We just think an ensemble is not complete without one, although we do realise we might be ever so slightly biased on the subject!

If you’re planning a very modern, chic wedding and are worried that a veil is too traditional for the look you’re trying to achieve, consider opting for a one layer veil. This style just stays at the back and therefore gives you all the wonderful benefits of a beautiful soft veil but doesn’t have the super-traditional blusher layer worn over the face. It’s more of a sleek tulle column draping down the back.

Need help selecting the perfect bridal veil?

We’ve created an in-depth Q&A style bridal veil guide and also individual guides covering everything from lengths to coloursedge finishes to beading and, well, pretty much everything you could ever want to know about bridal veils!

If all else fails, get a custom veil!

If having browsed through our extensive collection of over one hundred styles you still can’t find one that’s quite right for you — don’t worry! We got you, girl! Did you know that you can “build” your perfect veil from the ground up (or the comb down) in our Custom Veil Designer section? Simply by clicking through images of all the available options like length, layers, etc, ensuring you’re getting your personally preferred options all the way along, you can end up with a completed veil design that’s everything you ever wanted, and then just simply pop it in your basket! Bliss!

What about lace?

Oh, we’re all about that lace, don’t you worry. But sadly, you can’t order a bespoke lace veil through the Custom Veil Designer as they are just too many possible layout options. I think at last count we have 600 possible lace edgings to choose from. So, needless to say, it needs a slightly more personal touch. Read through our post on How the Bespoke Lace Veil Process Works for more of an idea what to expect, or just get in touch with our friendly team today on 01253 365740 or

How much do our veils cost?

Our set style bridal veils cost anywhere from £40 to £230, and custom lace veils can sometimes go beyond that depending on the design. The longer veils cost more than the short ones, naturally, and the lace and beaded veils cost more than the plains ones. So if you really want a budget-friendly veil, consider going for a short to mid-length plain style 🙂

Veil styles

On this page you will find the following veil styles:

  1. Two-tier (aka blusher veil). This is your typical, traditional veil with the layer that goes over the face for the ceremony. Example: Cassandra
  2. One tier. A single layer version of the traditional veil. No face veil; it stays at the back. Example: Brooke
  3. Mantilla. A full lace veil with edging that goes up and over the head and frames the face. Example: Harmony
  4. Drop. A version of the two-tier veil with zero gathering. Beautifully sheer and transparent. Example: Opal
  5. Waterfall. A single layer veil that has curved sides that bend and flow vs being straight up and down. Example: Freya
  6. Angel Cut. A single layer style cut similarly to the waterfall veil above, where the bottom curves into a very soft point. Example: Camilla
  7. Barely there. A single layer veil that’s tapered much narrower near the comb so that there’s hardly any gather lines visible in the hair. Example: Violet
  8. Juliet cap. A single layer style attached to a shaped “cap” instead of a comb. This cap is usually made of lace. Example: Juliet
  9. Drape. A veil attached to two combs — one on either side of the head — instead of one. Example: Diana
  10. Birdcage. A small face veil that sits no lower than just under the chin. They’re often made of French netting but can also be tulle. Example: Maddison

Veils by Length