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Edge Finish Guide

Veil Edge Finishes

In this guide to veil edge finishes and trims, we hope to tell you a little bit about each option so that it might help you make a decision on which one might be best for you. Ultimately, there are no wrong choices here as there could be with things such as length or colour. It’s just whatever takes your fancy!

If it helps at all, we can tell you that the cut and pencil edges are the two most popular veil edge finishes by far, and are simple enough that they go with just about any dress.

Raw, Hand Cut Edge

A simple hand cut finish

A cut edge veil suits any dress as it just disappears into the design. It’s sheer and beautiful – you can’t go wrong with this one!

Cut edge veil closeup

Pencil Edge

A fine sewn edge

A pencil edge is a fine sewn edge that gives a tiny amount of definition to the ends of the veil. Our best-selling edge by far.

Pencil edge veil finish

Scalloped Edge

A shaped pencil edge

Our scalloped edge is the same fine sewn pencil edge above, this time shaped into 6-8” scallops. If your dress ends in a scalloped lace skirt, this edge can tie in well with that detail.

Scalloped edge veil closeup

Wired Edge

A wired, wavy edge

Similar in size to the pencil edge, the wired edge has a flexible soft wire inside creating beautiful tumbling waves – looks especially great on long veils.

Wired edge veil closeup

3mm Ribbon Trim

A narrow ribbon edge

The 3mm ribbon is a very narrow double faced satin ribbon trim. This is the most popular size of our ribbon trims.

3mm Ribbon edge finish

7mm Ribbon Edge

A medium width ribbon trim

The 7mm ribbon is a slightly bolder edge compared to the 3mm options. It looks great with both satin and lace gowns.

7mm Ribbon edge finish

Satin Binding

A luxurious satin edge

Similar in appearance to ribbon, our 10mm satin bias binding edge is double the thickness and fully encloses the edges of the veil on both sides of the tulle. Being cut on the bias means it bends and flows beautifully and is just slightly more sumptuous than ribbon.

Satin bias binding veil edging

Satin & Organza Edge

A semi sheer ribbon

The 15mm satin and organza ribbon edge has two narrow satin lines separated by a sheer organza section. It’s a very eye-catching design that looks so pretty on a centre gathered veil.

Satin & organza Ribbon on a veil

Wide Organza Ribbon Edge

A wide sheer ribbon

Our wide organza ribbon is a very pretty match for a horsehair layered wedding dress. Though wide at 40mm, it’s almost as sheer as the tulle itself so the effect is subtle and delicate.

Veil with ribbon edge finish

Pearl Edging

A strung pearl trim

Our pearl edge is a continuous line of strung pearl beads. Each pearl is approximately 3mm wide. This edge is available in white and ivory only.

Pearl edging on a veil

Rhinestone Edge Trim

A sparkling diamante trim

The rhinestone edge is a dazzling trim filled with individual rhinestones (aka diamantés). Unlike the pearl edge, the sparkle is on one side only, so this edge is much better suited to one layer veils without a face veil that faces both the front and back during the ceremony.

Rhinestone edge finish

Lace Edges

Chantilly, Corded, Guipure or Beaded

The final choice we have for you is lace. We have a lovely range of lace edge veils here: Lace Veils

You may have also noticed a lot of custom lace veils in our Real Brides gallery, but that you can’t actually select lace as an edge trim in our Custom Veil Designer. Well, that’s because there are just too many beautiful options to list! Literally hundreds of edgings and appliques in all shapes and sizes. And we find it much better to sort them out via email/phone so we can really get a handle on what it is you’re after. We’ll send you pictures of edgings, ask how you envision the veil – lace just at the bottom, or all the way up the sides, etc. Feel free to send us pictures of your dress in return, or other laces you have seen and anything else you think might help! We’re always happy to talk wedding veils…

Email to sales@theweddingveilshop.co.uk or call 01253 365740

Bride wears a waltz length lace edge veil finish

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