Lace Veils

Lace Veils

A selection of lace veils including full or part lace edges and veils with lace appliqués placed throughout.

In addition to these gorgeous set styles, we also provide a bespoke lace veil service. With 100s of laces available to select from, you’ll be sure to find one that matches (or at least blends with) your dress’ own lace. Or if your dress is plain and you’re hoping to add a touch of lace via your veil, you’re in luck because you can select any of the laces we’ll show you — just pick your favourite!

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Lace veil specialists

Our founder and head designer, Lynsey, is the one to speak to when it comes to lace veils. She’s solely responsible for each and every lace veil we make here at The Wedding Veil Shop. She decided to make lace veils her area of expertise some years back, and leave the other edges to our other fabulous seamstresses. She has a knack for what we like to call our “jigsaw veils”. The piecing and blending together of various edgings and appliques to create ornate and beautiful lace veil designs. A couple of examples are shown below.

Rohanna Whittle custom lace veil process

bespoke veil process for adele veil

Lace veil options

There are four main options for lace veils: A full lace edge, a part lace edgelace appliques, and a mixture of edging and appliques. Each style has its own appeal. For example, we love the way a full lace edge looks on a single layer veil. The lace goes all the way up into the hair which can look very pretty indeed. Or, on a two-layer veil, it cascades beautifully around the arms and shoulders at the sides. A part lace veil is a fantastic option for brides with detailed bodices. It keeps the lace in the lower portion of the veil so that it doesn’t look too busy at the top. Especially handy if your dress already has a lot of lace at the top, or even full lace sleeves. A scattering of appliques is great for adding just a touch of lace here and there without going overboard. And finally, the showstopping drama of an ornate lace design made of edging and appliques on a long chapel or cathedral length veil cannot be denied.

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