6 Top Tips – Our Ultimate Post-Wedding Checklist

Once the big day is over, there are still some important things you’ll want to tick off your to-do list. We take a look at what you need to consider for your post-wedding checklist.

wedding dresses need dry cleaning after the big day

1. Have your dress and veil cleaned and preserved

One of the most important things to do as soon as possible after your wedding is to have your dress and veil professionally cleaned and preserved. Your wedding was likely a very busy and sociable occasion, and you may well notice a few stains on your gown! Even if not, you will want to make sure it is clean and safely stored away.

Make sure you seek out a professional wedding dress cleaning company to do this as your dress is made from delicate materials and needs to be treated with the utmost care.

wedding flowers

2. Make sure you have paid your suppliers

Another important thing to add to your checklist is making sure you have settled your balance with all the suppliers and vendors you used for your wedding. If you were impressed by the services, you should also find the time to leave them a review!

thank you note

3. Write thank-you notes

Your guests are a big part of making your wedding day special, so make sure you thank them properly. Thank-you notes are a lovely personal touch to send to guests after the wedding and will ensure that everyone feels appreciated, especially if they have bought you gifts.

hire wedding decorations

4. Sort out your decorations

If you hired decorations for your wedding, make sure these have all been returned as per the instructions. Alternatively, if you bought or made decorations for your wedding, you will want to think about what to do with these next. Perhaps they can be donated or repurposed for another event in the future!

make a wedding album

5. Make a photo album

You will want to remember your wedding day forever, and the best way to do this is by creating a photo album with all of the highlights. If you had a professional photographer, make sure you get the photos from them in the format that suits you. You can then put together a digital album of the day to share with all your guests, as well as create a physical copy for you and your partner if desired.

wedding keepsake box

6. Make a keepsake box

As well as a photo album, you might want to consider creating a box of special mementoes from your wedding day. If you had any decorations saved, for example, you can put those inside, as well as cards, photos, your guest book, your menu and more. Some people choose to put their accessories and veil in here, although it is recommended to keep your veil stored away with your dress in a special acid-free preservation box.

About the author: Confetti Wedding Dress Cleaning are specialists devoted to the cleaning and preservation of wedding dresses. They love all things relating to weddings and are committed to helping you restore and save the treasured memories from your special day.

We hope you enjoyed our post-wedding checklist. For more tips on wedding veil storage after the Big Day, check out: Wedding Veil Care: Helpful Storage, Cleaning & Steaming Tips

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