Bride Derrina Jebb and Simon Thomas in cathedral veil at Norwich cathedral

An Odd Request

Just days before our beautiful bride Derrina’s wedding we received a phone call from her. It was to ask if we could send her a photograph of the outer boxes that we use to package our veils in. We thought that this was a little bit of an odd request, but, ever obliging and trying our best not to be nosey or ask questions, we sent the photograph over.

Moments later, we received a direct message on Instagram from Derrina’s fiance. We learned that Derrina had somehow misplaced the original bespoke lace cathedral veil she’d ordered and received from us, (hence, why we had been asked for the photograph of the box to help her locate it!), and was currently in floods of tears since the wedding was just two days away and now her outfit was incomplete.

Bride Derrina Jebb and Simon Thomas in cathedral veil at Norwich cathedral

The Lost Veil

Derrina had originally ordered a custom version of our Scarlett veil, a beautiful cathedral veil made to include two layers.

This is normally a single layer cathedral veil that features our raw, hand-cut edge and a base lined with gorgeous leafy applique lace and covered in sparkly sequins. A beautiful veil to be sure, and Derrina had always posted lovely comments on Instagram every time we shared pics or videos of it so we knew she really loved it and were so sad to hear it had gone missing.

Bride Derrina Jebb and Simon Thomas in cathedral veil at Norwich cathedral
Bride Derrina Jebb and Simon Thomas in cathedral veil at Norwich cathedral

The Race Was On

We were originally contacted around 48 hours before the wedding. We can assure you that the 48 hours prior to a wedding are one of the most stressful and busy times for a bride, without adding the possibility of a missing veil into the mix!

At first, quite naturally, Derrina was reluctant to order a new veil. She had obviously ordered the Scarlett veil for a reason and hoped that she would be able to locate hers before the wedding.

We tried to help brainstorm potential places it could be. Could she have left it at her fitting appointment? Her hair trial? Is it in the dress bag? Under the bed?

Derrina went away for one last hunt but then called back and assured us she’d turned her whole house upside down and it was nowhere to be seen. However, at this point, she still wasn’t ready to quite admit defeat and order a new veil. We left her to ponder, but warned we’d need at least 4 or 5 hours to make a new one so to call back with a decision by noon.

The next communication came from Derrina around 2.30pm. Unfortunately, she had still been unable to find her Scarlett veil and was, understandably, extremely distressed because she also knew she’d gone beyond the time where we could make a new one in time for that day’s post.

We reassured Derrina that there was still time to do something to help. There was no longer enough time to make a new Scarlett veil, but we promised we’d get a replacement cathedral veil to her some way, somehow, because every bride needs a veil. It’s the law.

Luckily, we had ONE cathedral length lace veil that we’d just made as a sample for our boutique – and it was none other than our fabulous Elizabeth veil.

Bride Derrina Jebb and Simon Thomas in cathedral veil at Norwich cathedral
Bride Derrina in cathedral veil at Norwich cathedral

The Elizabeth Veil

The Elizabeth is a stunning cathedral veil, with two layers of tulle, that is available in the extra-wide tulle making it nice and wide at the bottom and extra show-stopping! The ornate, peaked lace applique detailing cascades around the edge of the cathedral veil’s train.

Now that I’ve seen the Elizabeth veil with Derrina’s dress and venue, I can’t even imagine a more perfect match. It was obviously meant to be!

Bride Derrina Jebb and Simon Thomas in cathedral veil at Norwich cathedral
Bride Derrina Jebb and Simon Thomas in cathedral veil at Norwich cathedral

Get Me To The Church On Time

We got the Elizabeth veil, steamed it to perfection and ensured it was beautifully packaged just before the postman turned up! Derrina’s replacement veil was on the way, and from this point, the fate of the stunning cathedral veil was no longer in our hands.

Everyone at The Wedding Veil Shop was on tenterhooks waiting for confirmation that the veil had been received. It was extra tense due to potential postage issues because of Covid19. Even under normal circumstances, we’d never usually post out a veil so close to a bride’s wedding. We like weeks and months, not days and hours!

The following morning, Friday, one day before the wedding, we received a very panicked message from Derrina stating that the veil had been attempted to be delivered to the venue as requested but that no one answered the door so she would have to arrange redelivery. But the next available date she was being offered was Monday. Two days AFTER the wedding!

Our hearts dropped and we couldn’t imagine how Derrina was feeling. As I said before, it was out of our hands, there was nothing more we could do. It was devastating.

Where I’m Meant To Be

A couple of hours later that day, when we’d given up all hope since despite all our best efforts, Derrina was somehow still without a veil, we received another message from Derrina. The veil had been delivered! The postman had come back to try and deliver again! It was unbelievable! We were so overjoyed for Derrina. She would be able to feel like the bride she deserved to feel like!!

Feeling accomplished, we carried on with our day ensuring that every bride felt as incredible as Derrina did.

In The Spotlight

The first glimpse we got of Derrina and her Elizabeth veil was the same glimpse everybody else got; from articles and pictures in the media such as this one from The Mirror. The photographs used in the press were lovely, but nothing could prepare us for how stunning the couple’s official photographs from the star-studded wedding would be! Thanks to

The photograph which stood out to us showed Derrina, standing underneath a stunning archway outside the cathedral. The setting is quite dark, which adds to the photograph’s ambience but also shows an amazing contrast to Derrina’s wedding attire. She looks like an angel!

The top layer of her Elizabeth veil is tucked behind her head. This frames Derrina’s face perfectly without distracting from the off the shoulder straps and sweetheart neckline of her absolutely stunning Enzoani dress.

Bride Derrina Jebb and Simon Thomas in cathedral veil at Norwich cathedral
Bride Derrina Jebb and Simon Thomas in cathedral veil at Norwich cathedral

The Look of Love

The dress is slim fitting and skims down, hugging Derrina’s gorgeous hourglass figure, before fanning out into a large train that spills out behind her, perfectly framed by the Elizabeth veil.

The veil was handmade with our Bridal Illusion fabric which is very see-through. In the photograph of Derrina and Simon walking through the arch, you can see the beautiful button detailing, with a bow at waist level, through her Cathedral length veil. The button detailing continues to the end of the dress’s train.

The beautiful peaked lace appliques add an extra bit of drama to Derrina’s perfectly simple dress. The lace also adds weight to the cathedral length veil, helping to keep it grounded.

As we click through the photographs, we see that Derrina has accessorised her wedding gown with a pair of stunning drop earrings, set off by a minimalistic, single stone necklace. We also get a peek of the sparkly headpiece, that can be seen through her Elizabeth veil and sits perfectly amongst Derrina’s Hollywood waves.

Bride Derrina Jebb and Simon Thomas in cathedral veil at Norwich cathedral
Bride Derrina Jebb and Simon Thomas in cathedral veil at Norwich cathedral

A Cathedral Veil For A Cathedral Wedding

I truly believe that our stunning cathedral veil was THE ONE for Derrina, and suited her venue perfectly. A cathedral veil for a cathedral wedding!

Despite the volume of the cathedral length Elizabeth veil, the biggest thing in all of these photographs is Derrina’s beautiful smile.

I wonder if Derrina will ever find the elusive veil? I’d certainly hate to be a fly on the wall if/when she does!

From Derrina:

“Where do I begin?! This company is INCREDIBLE. Just the most beautiful veils that complete your wedding dress and the BEST customer service.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, my veil went missing 36 hours before my wedding day. 😬 I had ordered it months in advance knowing that I definitely wanted the Scarlett lace trim veil. The amazing customer service of The Wedding Veil Shop meant that they couldn’t handmake another Scarlett veil in the short timeframe, but instead they couriered over another veil to arrive at my venue the day before our wedding day. The Elizabeth veil was was even more beautiful than I would ever have expected. They calmed my slightly exhausted, slightly burnt out pandemic planning self down and bent over backwards to ensure I had the most beautiful cathedral wedding veil on our wedding day in Norwich Cathedral. I could not recommend this company more – the most stunning and affordable wedding veils, they are worth every penny and guaranteed compliments for their beautiful designs!”

Bride Derrina Jebb and Simon Thomas in cathedral veil at Norwich cathedral

Written by Samantha Pickford

August 2021

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