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Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Veil

Your wedding veil is just too special to be packed away in a box never to be seen again. Why not find creative ways to give it a second life?

Here are some unexpected and meaningful ways to reuse your wedding veil, allowing its beauty and memories to be a part of your life long after the wedding!

1. Christening or Baptism Gown

Transforming your wedding veil into a christening or baptism gown is a beautiful and very traditional way to reuse your wedding veil while welcoming in the next generation. The delicate fabric of the veil can be used to create a soft, ethereal gown for your child’s ceremony.

Christening Gown

2. Heirloom Handkerchiefs

Create heirloom handkerchiefs that can be passed down through generations. These can be used by future brides on their wedding days or during other significant life events and are a greate way to repurpose your veil.

Reuse Your Wedding Veil

3. Decorative Home Accents

Incorporate your veil into your home decor to keep the memories of your wedding day close.

  • Shadow Box Display: Create a shadow box display featuring your veil, wedding photos, and other mementos.
  • Table Runner: Design a unique table runner for special occasions, using the veil’s lace or embroidery as the centerpiece.
Veil In A Shadow Box
Credit: Angela Lanter via Pinterest

4. Nursery Decor

Turn your veil into nursery decor like one of our very own brides did below. The veil in the picture is our Paris veil

  • Crib curtains: Use the entire veil to make delicate curtains to surround your little one’s cot.
  • Rocking chair pillow: Use the lace from your veil to create a custom pillow for your nursery.

Wedding Veil Over Baby'S Cot Crib

5. Lend it to a fellow bride

Will your veil last 20-30 years until your daughter gets married without going a funny colour? Hmm… likely not. But if your friend or sister gets married shortly after you do, she may appreciate your offering her “something borrowed”.


Your wedding veil is a tangible memory of one of the most important days of your life. By repurposing it, you can keep those memories alive in creative and unexpected way. Whether it’s through family heirlooms, home decor, or nursery pieces, these ideas ensure that your wedding veil continues to be a cherished part of your life story.

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