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Veil Gathering Styles

We have a number of veil gathering styles available here at The Wedding Veil Shop. This can be a difficult topic to explain but hopefully, in combination with the images below, it will start to make sense. 

What Are the Most Common Gathering Styles For Veils?

In our veil collections, you’ll see the majority of our wedding veils are gathered in three main styles: fully gathered, centre gathered and ungathered aka a ‘drop veil’ style. With centre gathering being the most popular option of the three. These three veil gathering styles create very different looks so let’s have a look at each of them a little more closely.

First, we should note that all of these veil gathering styles apply only two-layer veils. More on single layer veils below.

Centre Gathering

The centre gathered veil, as we mentioned before, is the most popular of all the options by far. As its name may suggest, the veil is gathered only in the centre leaving sections of tulle on either side of the comb loose and flowing. We call these pieces “drop shoulders” and they create a very pretty effect around the bride’s arms and shoulders.

If you’re looking for a veil that has a little bit of gathering, but is still quite sheer and can be brought around the arms and shoulders or worn behind, then this popular and versatile gathering style is the one for you.

Let’s try and give you a sense of what this gathering style looks like now with a selection of veils in this style.

Two layer fingertip length veil guide
Wedding veil with satin edge on bride
Carrie – two layer hip length veil with scattered diamantes
Centre gathered veil from the side
Bride wearing two layer bridal veil with lace appliques
Centre gathered veil from the back
Bride sitting on chaise wearing a two layer hip length wedding veil
Centre gathered veil tucked behind the shoulders
Portrait of a pretty bride wearing a two layer cathedral length veil
Centre gathered veil covering arms and shoulders
Siobhan - two tier chapel length veil with pearls and diamantes falling stars bead closeup
Drop shoulder section

Full Gathering

Let’s move on now to full gathering. Not nearly as popular today as either the centre or even the drop options, but it’s not without its benefits. For example, if you don’t want your veil to drape around your arms and shoulder as on our centre gathered option, or if you want more gathering and height at the comb area. The sides on a fully gathered veil style don’t drop down but rather go straight up to the comb on either side. 

As a picture speaks a thousand words, let’s have a look at some examples!

Wedding veil gathering short fully gathered
Bride wearing a pretty floor length veil with a simple edge
Fully gathered veil from the front
Beaded wedding veil
Fully gathered veil from the side
Full gathering from the back

Drop Veils

Our new current favourite, the drop veil has zero gathering at the comb. A few folds will appear in the veil naturally as it’s shaped over the head. But there are no sewn gathered lines at the comb area making this type of veil the sheerest and most delicate of them all. 

The drop veil style is better suited to plain veils. Keeping the veil as light as possible puts less pressure on the ungathered tulle at the comb area. We wouldn’t recommend this style for a lace veil, for example. Best to go for centre gathered for that option.

Wedding veil gathering short drop veil
Matilda - two tier hip length drop veil with a cut edge and scattered pearls
Example of a drop veil
MATILDA – two tier hip length drop veil with a cut edge and scattered pearls (3)
Drop veil from the side worn over the face
Close up of bride wearing a beaded drop veil
Drop veil from the back worn over the face
Matilda - two tier hip length drop veil with a cut edge and scattered pearls
Bride wearing long two tier silk effect veil over the face - pretty drop veil with pearls
Drop veil from the side worn off the face
Bride wearing pretty fingertip length sheer drop veil
Drop veil from the back, worn off the face

As you can see, the drop veil is stunning and so beautifully sheer. Hopefully the benefits of this style are pretty self-explanatory!

What might still be confusing you though is the difference between the first two options. We have made a little video to show the main differences between centre gathering and fully gathering options below.

Veil Gathering Styles

What About Single Layer Veils?

For single layer veils, these are always gathered all the way across the top. That’s really all you can do with a one-tier veil. It doesn’t have the second layer there to make pretty shapes with. So if that’s what you plan to have, you can skip this whole guide – one less thing for you to decide on!

Still Unsure?

We’re hoping this guide to veil gathering styles has been helpful, but if you’re still feeling lost, don’t worry! We’re always here to help and answer any questions. Just get in touch.

Or perhaps you’ve seen a veil you love but you can’t quite define which gathering style it has. We can help with that too. Send us your images and we will tell you what style you need to select to acheive the same look.

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