Drapes, Vines & Halos

Bridal Hair Vines, Drapes & Halos

Bridal hair vines have to be one of the most versatile hair accessories for brides. You can wear them across the top of your head like a headband, across your forehead as a browband, wrapped around a bun or low up-do, or even wound through a messy French plait. You can also wear them with hair up, hair down, or half & half. Literally, anything goes!

You’ll also find some more unusual bridal headpieces in this section such as halos (full-circle headdresses) and pretty draping headpieces with connecting chains. Great for creating a vintage look.

Bridal Hair Vines from well-known UK brands

What’s great about our range of bridal hair vines is the quality. Each bridal hair vine you see on our website has been supplied to us by a top British bridal brand such as Twilight Designs or Linzi Jay, who are well known in the UK for their beautiful bridal headpieces and accessories which they provide to select bridal shops up and down the country. Therefore, you can expect bridal boutique-quality from our hair vines including solid metal components, tarnish resistant wire, crystal clear glass beads and lustrous freshwater pearls.

Quality is everything

Some of the cheaper alternatives found online might swap out some of these materials for lower quality options like resin beads or hollow plastic pearls, which can look okay in the picture, but this is something you will really notice when you receive your item.

You can just feel the quality of our bridal hair vines.

The dawn of the hair vine

The hair vine has been around for a few seasons now and is constantly gaining in popularity. Its versatility and casual boho aesthetic make it a really chic and modern option.